Roboquest: Summer Playtest Now Live

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Roboquest is a fast-paced, first-person roguelite where you play as the Guardian robot. While you can play solo, the game also allows you to play with a friend via online co-op. That said, the Summer Playtest is now live which lets you play with all of the features the game has to offer. This is only available on Steam at the moment but will head to all platforms later on.

So, what can you expect in the Summer Playtest for Roboquest? Well, the developers removed weapon categories as they felt that it was no longer useful and didn’t really impact the game that much. This change would allow them to implement new weapons and classes more easily in the future.

Another major change in Roboquest is that buff category stats for items have been removed. Instead, items in the game now grant various bonuses and effects that may help you create builds that suit your playstyle. Besides that, new friendly robots have been added that can craft weapons, sell you items, and reroll affixes, among other things.

For you to avail of their services, you must pay them using a new currency called “Powercells” that you can find in challenge rooms. They are dropped by enemies or granted as a reward at the end of each level as well.

Patch Notes

  • You may now search for brobots directly in the multiplayer menu of the game using the "quick play" button
  • You may now invite brobots from other platforms to your game by sending them your session ID (which you can find in the multiplayer menu)
  • Doubled both the player’s health and the enemies’ damage to diminish the occurrences of rounded numbers and to make them comparable with the enemies’ health values
  • Added a new Melee damage type (such as Burn or Explosive). Various gameplay elements such as Affixes, Perks, or Gadgets now directly reference Melee damage (for example: Increases Melee damage)
  • 60% of the damage you take is stored into the "scratch damage bar" (gray bar), the rest is taken as regular damage
  • Only 40% of Bosses’ damage are stored into the scratch damage bar
  • The scratch damage bar does not fade over time
  • Destroying enemies now automatically grants experience
    • As a result, experience cells have been replaced by healing cells
  • Frenzy
    • Passive renamed to "Frenzy" (instead of "Fury"), but still stacks points of Fury
    • Frenzy no longer increases damage and resistance but instead fire rate, reload speed, and other speeds related to animation time
  • Bash
    • Now drops healing cells on takedowns or when hitting Bosses

The full changelog can be found on Steam.

The Summer Playtest for Roboquest is currently only available on PC via Steam and will last for one to two weeks. It will be up on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S a few days after the playtesting has concluded.

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