Be Ready to Groove as Roblox Brings LOL Surprise

Time to show those dance skills.
Time to show those dance skills. MGA Entertainment

Roblox announced that LOL Surprise is now on its platform. Fans can now enjoy the gaming experience for free in LOL Surprise Official Party. It offers various features including interactive doll characters that players can mix and match, outfits, and accessories. Players can even enjoy different challenges that come with unlockable rewards. Although it's in digital form, the game has been designed to be kid-safe.

Leading up to the launch, LOL Surprise started a campaign where kids had a chance to play online with some of the popular gaming influencers. Even better, with SuperAwesome's Game With Me tool, parents are sure that their kids have a secure experience. That’s right, Game With Me allows kids to play with their very own favorite creators through moderated and secure servers. It’s not all kids though as fans can even give feedback to improve the game.

In a press statement, MGA Entertainment CEO and Founder Isaac Larian said that despite LOL Surprise being a worldwide phenomenon, it has not stopped surprising fans with new features. The brand continues to grow, he added, mainly because of different factors like creativity and newness.

Talking about safety, SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins shared that while games should offer young players a genuine engagement, they should also be safe. He added that they are more than happy to partner with MGAE for this particular project, from strategy and all the way to execution.

LOL Surprise is short for Little Outrageous Littles Surprise. This unboxing toy line was launched back in 2016 and since then has been a huge success for MGAE. To learn more about LOL Surprise, just visit the site here.

Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system released in 2016 for PC. A version for iOS was launched in 2012 with the Android version arriving in 2014. The Xbox version was made available in 2015.

Roblox allows you to program games that can be played by others and vice versa. Some of the popular games on the site include Jailbreak, Piggy, and MeepCity. Learn more about it here.

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