Rise Of Industry Launches Today, Free Demo Version Available

For the incredibly business-minded.
  • Windows
  • Simulator
  • Strategy
Rise of Industry is finally out of early access.
Rise of Industry is finally out of early access. Dapper Penguin

Fancy a managerial sim that focuses on just how powerful capitalism was in its earlier days? Then give Rise of Industry a try; it’s pretty damn good. A complete review is in the works, and will be out sometime next week.

Rise of Industry began on Steam as an Early Access title back on February of last year, and it’s had a nice long developmental cycle since then. The game saw no shortages of updates through the year it’s been in early access, even going so far as to offer some mod support through Steam Workshop. Now it's out of early access, and with that move I can say that this is already a better game than most, as clearly the people behind Rise of Industry stuck through development until an actual playable and stable release was made. Props yet again.

So, what is Rise of Industry? Well, it’s not your typical tycoon game where there’s a sole focus; Rise of Industry is a sim of how an entire industry centered on natural resources work. For the most part, you will be supplied a small town or some villages, and what you need to do is completely industrialize the locale using the power of capitalism. It’s a really in-depth sim with some nifty mechanics in the four specializations you’re able to choose from: Gathering, Farming, Industry and Logistics. Playing on Sandbox mode allows you to handle all four and become the ultimate monopoly yourself.

In another commendable move, a demo of the game is available for free, provided by Dapper Penguin themselves. If you want to give Rise of Industry a shot in order to decide if you will buy it, you can download it on both Steam and the Good Old Games Store.

Rise of Industry is now available as a full release on both Steam and GOG on PC.

Rise of Industry
Rise Of Industry: Industrialization At Its Finest
Rise of Industry, much like real-life business ventures, takes serious work and effort. However, like said ventures, it offers a unique, rich and vastly rewarding experience to anyone who succeeds, as well as a minimum ten times return of your investment guaranteed.
  • Somewhat easy-to-grasp gameplay, despite the niche appeal.
  • Very rewarding core gameplay loop.
  • Clear, concise tutorials.
  • Incredibly pretty designs and animations.
  • Highly replayable.
  • Advanced technical terms can put off some casual players.
  • Takes a lot to master some advanced concepts.
  • Some presence of annoying bugs and minor design oversights.
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