Riftbound: Overall Difficulty Reduced in Latest Update

Riftbound Barrel Smash Studios

Riftbound, the roguelite action strategy game with deck-building mechanics, got a new and interesting update on Steam. Patch v1.2.2 brought many things, including changes for the overall game difficulty.

Developer Barrel Smash Studios did several tweaks to the game's overall difficulty. First, the company resolved the issue where large groups of enemies can spawn as early as wave one. This is unfair and unforgiving, especially to new players. On top of that, players no longer have to unlock the lowest difficulty setting. That's because the company made it available straight away, so they just have to fire up Riftbound and start at the easiest difficulty.

Barrel Smash Studios has made a plethora of balancing changes to Summoner's Path as well. Summoner's Path, for those who don't know, is basically the game's roguelite mode where players can tweak their builds to their liking by spending gems on perks.

One of the things that they will notice after updating to Patch v1.2.2 is the game's faster loading time, thanks to the company reducing some loading delays. The company also said that a new button will be added in a future patch that allows players to read in-game tips if they so desire.

Here are the other noteworthy changes to Summoner's Path:

  • Increased the speed that the end of run gem, stats and unlocks are shown.
  • Evolution Mastery perk unlock requirements changed from 15 to 5 battles
  • Signature Spell perk unlocked requirement changed from 30 to 15 battles
  • Fast Learner perk unlock requirements changed from 45 battles to 25 battles
  • Power Caster perk unlock requirements changed from 60 battles to 35 battles
  • The Hero Training shop is now always unlocked (previously it became available after you beat the first boss).
  • All lower difficulty options (Merciful, Tolerant, Lenient) are now unlocked by default so you can choose them straight away.
  • The default starting difficult has been set to Tolerant instead of Neutral (but Neutral remains unlocked).
  • Encounters no longer increase danger level (this applies to Ancient Totems, Enemy Encampment, Oaks Gift, Shrine of Power, Spell Forge, Tactician, Target Practice, The Best Defense, Wild Elementals, Wisp Sanctuary).
  • Merciful difficulty enemy base health changed from 80% to 60%
  • Lenient difficulty enemy base health changed from 90% to 75%
  • Tolerant difficulty enemy base health changed from 95% to 85%
  • Boss fights no longer spawn Champion enemies on Neutral or lower difficulties.
  • Boss fights will spawn fewer Elite enemies on lower difficulties.
  • Reduced occurrences that enemies would repeatedly spawn in the same lane.
  • Per-Battle Mutators will no longer appear on battles on Stage-1 for Neutral and lower difficulties.
  • Deadly battles will no longer appear on Stage-1 for Neutral and lower difficulties
  • Battles with Bonus Coin rewards now give more bonus coins based on the difficulty of the battle. +30/+40/+50/+60 extra bonus coins from Standard/Dangerous/Deadly/Nightmare battles.

The full patch notes can be found here.

Riftbound Patch v1.2.2 is available on PC.

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