RIDE 4 Gets A January 21, 2021 Release Date For Xbox Series X And PS5

The game will be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 8 later this year.
Milestone has dated Ride 4 for a January 21, 2021 release for both next-gen consoles.
Milestone has dated Ride 4 for a January 21, 2021 release for both next-gen consoles. Milestone

Developer Milestone has just announced that they will release their upcoming motorcycle racing sim RIDE 4 for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X on January 21, 2021. This is after its initial release for current generation consoles and PC, which is set to arrive a month from now.

The first game in the Ride franchise was initially released in 2015 and was soon followed by Ride 2 and 3 in 2016 and 2018. So, what should players expect for the fourth installment in the series? First off, RIDE 4 will provide hundreds of officially licensed bikes and dozens of real-life tracks from all over the world to ride on, now made with extraordinary and cutting-edge detail. In RIDE 4's overview, it is stated that “every asset has been created starting from CAD data, laser and 3D scanning to achieve precision down to the smallest detail and let you enjoy the best two-wheel racing experience ever”.

Also, RIDE 4's career mode has been completely redesigned with dynamic progression in mind. Players start off by choosing a regional league to join, then compete and climb their way towards success in the World Leagues. Dozens of activities such as challenging races, ability tests, and track days are scattered all throughout one’s career.

Other notable additions to RIDE 4 are its fully dynamic weather conditions system and a complete day and night cycle. An Endurance mode has also been added which will test a player’s tenacity, complete with animated pit-stops and long-lasting races. A.N.N.A., Milestone’s neural AI system, has also been introduced which will make for more challenging races against the game’s AI.

PlayStation 4 users who purchase RIDE 4 before April 30, 2021 will be able to download the PlayStation 5 version and all purchased DLC at no additional cost. As for Xbox One users, purchasing the game will automatically download it for the Xbox Series X version through its Smart Delivery feature at no additional cost.

RIDE 4 will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on October 8. Its next-gen versions have a January 21, 2021 launch date.

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