Rhythm Game Giraffe And Annika Gets A New Trailer, Steam Page Now Up

Mixing rhythm mechanics with open-world exploration.
Unties has released a new trailer for Giraffe and Annika, with the Steam page now live for wishlists.
Unties has released a new trailer for Giraffe and Annika, with the Steam page now live for wishlists. Unties

A new trailer for upcoming adventure and rhythm open-world game Giraffe and Annika has been released by publisher Unties and developer Atelier Mimina. Giraffe and Annika currently has a planned 2019 launch date.

Giraffe and Annika revolves around a cat-eared heroine named Annika and her journey throughout the mysterious island of Spica. Tasked and guided by the young boy named Giraffe, she sets off to find fragments of the stars hidden with the island’s mysteries.

The story of Giraffe and Annika starts when Annika wakes up from a strange dream and finds herself stranded on the mysterious Spica Island. Whilst exploring the island, she encounters a boy named Giraffe who knows her, but she can’t quite put her finger on who he is. Annika is informed by Giraffe that to uncover the mystery of her predicament, she must uncover star fragments on the island. Throughout her journey, she will meet Lily, the Witch of the Mysterious Forest. After a grueling battle with the Witch, Annika uncovers the first of the Star fragments and absorbs it into herself. These grant her the strangest of visions that will ultimately help her unravel the mystery she is in.

Annika and Giraffe‘s gameplay revolves around an open world exploration theme, with music as the player’s main weapon. Through the manga inspired world, Annika synchronizes her offensive attacks with music to overcome the most difficult bosses. There are five unique and challenging dungeons that players need to guide Annika through so that the story will move forward, bringing them one step closer to finding the fragments and recovering the protagonist’s memories. Annika and Giraffe also features cute collectibles scattered all over the island for the player to find, collect, and use to expand their gallery and unlock prizes.

The action adventure game’s one-minute trailer showcases snippets of gameplay, which involves combat using rhythm game mechanics, as well as open-world exploration from a third person perspective. Currently, the game’s Steam page is now live and can now be Wishlisted. Giraffe and Annika will launch for the PC later this year and will see PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions at a later date.

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