'Resident Evil 7' Release Date Changed On Steam: Is The Game Or A Demo Coming Early?

Party at the Baker family house! Woot woot.
Party at the Baker family house! Woot woot. Capcom/Steam

Resident Evil 7 may be releasing earlier than expected according to a suspicious change on the title’s SteamDB page. As of about two days ago, its expected arrival date was changed from the publicly announced launch of Jan. 24 to Jan. 1.

There are more than a few reasons to bring this new date into question, however. For one, Jan. 1 seems much more like a placeholder than a specific day a game would release. Not only that, but Jan. 1 is on a Sunday too. Games almost rever release on Sundays.

We have a few ideas of our own to explain the change’s actual meaning. It’s possible that a second Resident Evil 7 demo could be made available on Steam on that day as a spooky way to celebrate the new year.

More disheartening, however, is that its projected arrival has suddenly gone from being on a very specific Tuesday to a first-of-the-month timeframe that doesn’t make sense for retailers. Might this be the first sign of a delay to a different day in January? Could it be that Capcom will now release Resident Evil 7 sometime between January and when the company’s fiscal year ends in March? Maybe we’re reaching, but it’s not impossible.

After all, a change of release date is a very specific one to make. While the adjustment could have been a mistake, an error on that level doesn’t seem too likely. This could be nothing at all, but it’s an interesting development nonetheless.

As far as promotion is concerned, Resident Evil 7 appears to be right on track for all platforms. Over the last few weeks we’ve seen multiple spooky and informative trailers that showcase a variety of different settings. That being said, many PC ports of games have been privy to short optimization delays, and its developers did admit that delays were previously endured to include PlayStation VR support. We’ll see what comes of this in the following days and weeks.

For now, Resident Evil 7 is expected to release on Jan. 24 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

What do you think of this release date shift on PC? Is it meaningless or a sign of delay? Tell us in the comments section!

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