‘Resident Evil 7’ News: Why Producer Masachika Kawata Wants To Keep Gameplay Details A Secret

Resident Evil 7
You done pissed off Mr. Baker now fool! Capcom

Producer Masachika Kawata wants to keep details about Resident Evil 7 biohazard under wraps because what’s the fun of a horror game if you know all its secrets?

Kawata recently spoke to Game Informer about Resident Evil 7 , which will be a big departure from previous installments. For one, Resident Evil 7 will be in first person rather than third person view. It’s supposed to add to the immersion, help you feel like you’re running around in the Baker house of horrors.

“In order to fully enjoy a horror title, we don't think it's good to release too much information beforehand,” Kawata said. “What's hidden in the darkness? Who are the enemies? How do I escape? These are questions we would prefer to leave unanswered before the player experiences the game, so that they can uncover things on their own. As a result, we understand some fans have questions about the contents of the game, but we assure you that we're ready to deliver a Resident Evil horror experience of the utmost quality.”

We hope someone told Kawata the internet already ruined some of the fun. Someone decided to data mine the Resident Evil 7 demo and claimed to have found a lot of information from the game. This same person uploaded the information they found on reddit. We may potentially know more about Resident Evil 7 than we want.

The leak, if you can call it a leak because it’s basically a play-by-play of the entire game, included weapons, plot details, character information, etc. Everything but the kitchen sink, which you can’t use as a weapon but there is a cool kitchen knife at your disposal, or so we’ve read.

We’ll spare you the leak details, as Resident Evil 7 appears to be a potentially awesome horror game and we love us a good thriller. Let’s just hope there are no cheap jump scares and the developers use other elements, like atmosphere and storytelling, to make for a good horror game.

Resident Evil 7 biohazard hits PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, Xbox One and PC on Jan. 24.

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