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Yesterday Microsoft officially revealed the Xbox Series S, which is slightly less powerful than the Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series S is priced at a steal of $299 only. Since the announcement, fans have reacted very positively toward the new console. However, this might not be the case for game developers, as a Remedy Entertainment developer sees trouble in the product.

Senior Technical Producer Sasan Sepehr from Remedy Entertainment, who is also working on an unannounced game, is concerned about the Xbox Series S. Since Remedy supports multiple platforms, it means that the company will continue to produce games for both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S after the launch of the consoles.

Sepehr took to Twitter to share his excitement as well as disappointment. "As a consumer, I love this! As a Technical Producer, I see trouble!!!" the developer wrote. When a user asked Sepehr if he was concerned about game optimization, the developer answered with a yes.

Optimizing games for a similar level of hardware, like the Xbox Series X and PS5, isn't very troublesome. However, adding another less powerful console to the mix can make the optimization process challenging on the developer's end. So, from Sepher's point of view, it is indeed trouble.

Also, most gamers are already considering the Xbox Series S as a next-generation console, which means that developers will need to support the console for at least six or more years.

Even though Microsoft stated that the only difference between the Xbox Series X and S is the resolution, with the former version supporting 4K and the latter offering 1080p/1440p gaming. However, it isn't as easy as the advertisements make it sound. Now it's up to the developers to make proper optimizations happen.

Xbox Series S and X are launching on November 10.

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