Re:Legend Leaves Steam Early Access on September 5

Currently on PC via Steam.
Re:Legend is leaving Steam Early Access on September 5.
Re:Legend is leaving Steam Early Access on September 5. 505 Games

Publisher 505 Games and developer Magnus Games Studio announced that the life simulation RPG Re:Legend will be leaving Steam Early Access on September 5. The game has been on the platform as an early access title since August 30, 2019, and after three years, it will finally launch in Version 1.0 for $24.99. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions have been mentioned and teased in the past, but 505 Games has not yet given any updates on any console game version. Check out the announcement from the official Re:Legend Twitter account below.

Re:Legend is a life sim RPG comparable to the Rune Factory and Animal Crossing series. Washed ashore on the island of Vokka, the protagonist must learn to cope with their situation by starting a new life in the sticks and slowly recover their memories. Along their journey, they cultivate the land, befriend various villagers, expand the village, and raise their own magical creatures known as Magnus.

Magnus Game Studios also released a Steam post detailing some of the new content coming with Version 1.0. These include brand-new biomes, such as the icy cold and freezing Tundra and the raging and fiery Volcano. A new story will also be released with 1.0, one that introduces Re:Legend’s final chapter and brings the protagonist’s story’s epic conclusion. Of course, with it are also various quests and encounters to enrich your journey further.

New Magnus are also confirmed, with 58 new varieties to be found in Tundra and Volcano biomes. There’s also a wide variety of new armor and weapons to equip, all crafted from materials in the wild and various creatures you defeat. In total, there are 111 new pieces of equipment that players can craft.

Re:Legend 1.0 will also introduce new fish to catch in the wilderness of Tundra and Volcano biomes. There will also be a new recruitable NPC in the official release, and he will provide players with different costumes.

Here are some of the other changes expected to arrive in Version 1.0 of Re:Legend:

  • New Skill Runes
  • New House Decorations
  • New Barn Floors
  • New In-game Vanity
  • New User Interface
  • New VFX & Sound Effects
  • New Achievements
  • New Marriage System
  • New Stats Reset System
  • New Cloud Save
  • Fixed Over 9000 Bugs!
  • Overhauled Multiplayer System
  • Magnus Stats Improvements (Balancing and implemented affiliated stats)
  • Player Stats Improvements (Balancing and implemented affiliated stats)
  • Life Skill Improvements and Balancing (Adjusted Level to Lv30)
  • Stamina Re-balanced
  • Item Drop Rate Re-balanced
  • Player Equipment Re-Balanced (Buffed)
  • Crops Re-balanced (Harvest Time)
  • Economy Re-balanced
  • Adjusted Quest Difficulties
  • Game Optimization (Improved FPS & Memory Usage)
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