Reentry - An Orbital Simulator Update 0.99: Improved Moon Data and Updated Apollo Mission Pad Maps

Reentry - An Orbital Simulator Update 0.99
Reentry - An Orbital Simulator Update 0.99 Steam

Reentry - An Orbital Simulator recently received an update that introduced several new mechanics, plus changes to the Moon Data, Moon Planet Shader, and Lunar Map.

Improved Moon Data

The developer has doubled the lunar texture data set resolution used during lunar orbital maneuvering. The update features a better height data set from 8k to 23k and lunar color map from 8k to 16k. The new system does not include the normal shadow, however, making it look flatter but provides a significantly higher level of detail.

Updated Moon Planet Shader

The developer has updated the shader used to render the moon during orbital maneuvering. The difference between the old and new shader is prominent, where normal and diffuse shadows are rendered better with support for detail mapping.

Mission Pad: Lunar Map

The lunar map is an essential tool used during Lunar Navigation and orbits, which features the ability to zoom and pan the maps. Players can use the map to identify what craters you are viewing through the windows of the CSM/LM, letting you learn the surface of the Moon.

Reentry - An Orbital Simulator Update 0.99

List of Updates
  • Apollo: Doubled the Moon Textures and Heightmap.
  • Apollo: Rewrote the Moon shader and tessellation to better support PBR and normal mapping.
  • Apollo: Improved the Lunar Map.
  • Apollo: Improved the Earth Map.
  • Apollo: Major updates to the Lunar Module manual.
  • Apollo: Lunar Descent Guidance updates.
  • Apollo: Lunar Ascent Guidance updates.
  • Apollo: Lunar Ascent Engine fixes and visual changes.
  • Apollo: Orbit View Updates.
  • Apollo: CM/CSM switch checks in the Caution & Warning System.
  • VR (all programs): Debrief Menus input support (like the in-game menu).
  • Typos in Missions and Dictionaries.
  • Apollo: Corrected the issue preventing ascent stage to enter the TSS. It would flicker/dance/teleport around the CSM after final undock and prevent large timescales.
  • Apollo: Initial Save State support for Lunar Ascent staged state (saving after CSM/LM docking post-ascent).
  • Delete/Reset Storage button should now work (TM).
  • Fixed the Player Character from being invisible with only headsets visible.

You can read more about patch notes here.

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