Reddit Poll Reveals 53 Percent Of Anthem Players Have Quit

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Anthem BioWare

The results of an informal poll conducted on Reddit do not bode well for Anthem. The Reddit poll was conducted by user SyntaxTheGr8.

One of the questions asked Anthem players how much longer they were willing to play the game. Based on the answers, it appears that around 53% said that they already quit the game. Meanwhile, around 36% believe that the future does not look good for Anthem.

To say that the game is facing problems is an understatement. There were high expectations at launch, but when Anthem was finally released, it was met with mixed or average reviews. Reviews pointed out how there was a problem with execution and that the game did not meet the level that was expected from BioWare.

In the survey at hand, a majority of those who answered had played the game for at least an hour. Around 45% were familiar with looter-shooters, with the top three games played before Anthem being the Destiny series, Borderlandsseries, and Diablo series.

Both the loot system and developer feedback were rated low in the survey, and community toxicity levels were seen as average.

Despite the bugs, BioWare said back in March that they remain committed to releasing new content and continue to make improvements to the game. BioWare confirmed that Anthem is here to stay. In early April, an article published in Kotaku claimed that there were already a number of issues present even in the development stage of Anthem. The article says these issues were mainly because of mismanagement and indecision. While BioWare did respond to the article, it didn't really help clear things up.

Recently, players have shared what they believe to be an in-game message in Anthem that could give a hint as to the touble being faced. The message was in the form of a collectible Cortex item, and while it was first thought of as in-game lore, many players are now claiming it could mean something more.

The survey did ask what changes players want to have in Anthem. While the user who posted the survey gave out the results of the questions, a user by the name of Zlassy came out with a word cloud. It appears that if Anthem wants to keep players, they will need to introduce new loot.

Word Cloud for want players want in Anthem.
Word Cloud for want players want in Anthem. Zlassy

EA BioWare Global Community for Anthem, Andrew Johnson, tweeted that update 1.1.0 is scheduled to be released tomorrow along with the patch notes.

Anthem is also conducting maintenance tomorrow, April 23 from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. EDT.

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