Red Solstice 2: Survivors Rebalance Patch Makes Skirmish Missions Available

Red Solstice 2: Survivors
Red Solstice 2: Survivors Steam

The developers have dropped a rebalancing patch for Red Solstice 2: Survivors. In this update, you can now choose any skirmish mission you like. Daily challenges can have any available map in skirmish as well.

Those having a rough time playing the game because of connectivity issues may want to update their clients right away. This is because some optimizations have been implemented that may improve network performance. They may just be minor at best, but an improvement is still good regardless.

Some changes have been made to the UI too. First, the match summary is changed. Next, enemy vehicles look more clearly on the map as they are now shown with red markers.

For skills, Shockwave will no longer trigger gas pipes. This is to help prevent situations where you can accidentally kill your teammates in the process. Also worth mentioning is that GenerateAmmo no longer wastes your special ammo if your current weapon no longer has ammo in its clip. You can learn more about the skills updated in this patch here.

Rebalance Patch Highlights

  • Frost skills and items will apply chilled effect before applying freeze, monsters that are no longer Suppressed cannot be frozen
  • Improved vehicles splines
  • Added ARC shuttle to launchpad prefab
  • Fix for emergency extraction terminal not working
  • Overwatch range display fix for component
  • In-game weapon tooltip will display final spread instead of current spread
  • Unranked games will correctly display non-limits now
  • Increased claymores damage and added 40 suppression damage per claymore, reduced radius by 100
  • Leaper mine can taunt very high threats now (Fluffies)
  • Satchels will always break walls
  • Cryo pulse mine now shreds 1 to 2 armor
  • Plasma Discharge now consumes stacks on clicking the skill
  • Reduced efficiency of equalizer and consumption by 33%
  • Crimson Storm will have better biomass spawns at the final stand
  • Gather Test subjects will not expire anymore
  • Fix for blocker when traveling away after completing Crimson Storm 1 during dialogs
  • Fix for world map state when quitting For Humanity mission
  • Supply Cache now has an enemy marine drop pod assault force that attempts to recapture supply box
  • Fixes Edge Case issue of terminal splitting and issue where storm stopped growing by only activating power relays
  • Added ambush of low tier monsters to disruptors to make it more engaging

Red Solstice 2: Survivors Rebalance patch is available on PC.

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