Red Solstice 2: Survivors Hotfix 2.05 Addresses Autoswap for Secondary Weapon UI

Red Solstice 2: Survivors
Red Solstice 2: Survivors Steam

Hotfix 2.05 for Red Solstice 2: Survivors has been deployed. This update addresses the Autoswap option for the Secondary Weapon UI. It should now work as intended. This is a good fix for Marksman mains as this is undoubtedly a noticeable change for them.

Some improvements have been implemented as well. To help you quickly get new sessions, the lobby search has been changed to worldwide by default. If optimizers are used, they will now work on clients and those who will join the game at any point in time.

For bots, the issue where the follower would be left in a permanent firing state when ordered using the radial menu is resolved. Also, bots will no longer try to use a skill while targeting with secondary weapon order. This fixes the problem that causes them to focus fire on an entire team in certain situations.

Hotfix 2.05 Highlights

  • HASROC works with all its upgrades now
  • Total Cleanup from Howell Barrex now works multiple times not just once
  • Commander and all ranks above will have wave 14 requirement set up
  • Removed nanonet from the game(was obsolete), it will make loadouts invalid if you had it
  • Elpida Item will work vs. enemy marines now
  • Ubas Hypercore adds +1 energy now
  • Turrets have 50% destructive resistance
  • Optimizers will work on clients and on hot join
  • Generate ammo won't override teammates ammo unless they have normal ammo
  • Potential fix for biomass spawning below the floor
  • Phase reaper won't detonate pipe networks anymore
  • Changed default lobby search to worldwide
  • Gather intel mission fix
  • Living Ghosts will add a critical bonus after the mission has been completed
  • In the Howell campaign, SARA will talk about Reinforce and Resupply mission on the helipad
  • Critical Error adds +1 specialists as a reward
  • The Destabilizing factor will despawn enemy VIP properly
  • Increased timer on destabilizing factor
  • Using the Radial menu to order specific followers to use a secondary weapon on biomass will no longer leave him in a permanent firing state
  • Bots will no longer try to use a skill while targeting with secondary weapon order, causing them to FF the entire team in some situations
  • Demolition will use the Seismic Resonator now
  • Heavy weapons will work properly
  • The Engineer will use his skills properly now
  • The Medic will use revive skill and heal gun properly now
  • Crash fix related to players quitting the game in certain cases
  • Crash fix in ClientUIComponent
  • Crash fix in mech HUD
  • Improved loadout widgets
  • Added additional vehicle controls and its separate section

Red Solstice 2 Hotfix 2.05 is now available on PC.

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