Red Solstice 2: Survivors Howell-Barrex Inc. DLC Now Available

Red Solstice 2: Survivors Howell-Barrex inc. DLC
Red Solstice 2: Survivors Howell-Barrex inc. DLC Steam

A new DLC for Red Solstice 2: Survivors called the Howell-Barrex Inc. is now available. There is a wealth of new additions from this DLC, such as a new class and a new mech.

New Content

There is a new class in this top-down strategy game called the Engineer. This multi-talented individual provides you with new tactical options that can help you keep invaders at bay. Among these are the ability to create electric walls and flamethrower turrets.

For those who want to bring the pain, the new UBAS mech is the right one for you. This combat exoskeleton has plenty of firepower to destroy anything in its path. It is also tanky, so you can just go to the middle of the battlefield without worries as this thing can take the hit.

New Features

Along with the DLC comes the “Mechanical Man” update that introduces new features and improvements. Going to your missions is no longer as daunting as before as the developers included some tactical info for each one. You can now see what type of enemies you may encounter and some useful details that may help you plan accordingly.

If the game is too easy for you, then the Overlord might change that. Available on the highest difficulty setting, this ultra boss can spawn on the later stages of the campaign and may pose a significant challenge to anyone brave enough to face it. So, if you think you have what it takes, then battle it with everything you’ve got.

DLC and Mechanical Man Patch Highlights

  • New campaign story! Experience a new storyline with new characters and settings
  • A new tech tree will bring improvements to the UBAS and the Engineer suit
  • Added Overlord ultra boss: New boss that will challenge you on the highest difficulty of the game or in the late stage of the campaign. Can you survive? One of the strongest bosses in the game, good luck
  • Added Ripjaw ultra boss: Hunt him down before he hunts you down, search the Ripjaw nest and eliminate the creature or suffer the consequences. This boss draws strength from his nests around the map, to defeat him you need to locate those nests and destroy them
  • Added UNRANKED game mode: Players can now play the game without class limits, but those games will not count towards stat progression. Only experience can be gained in this mode and all experience gained is reduced.
  • Enabled bot renaming: You can now rename your bot as you want

You can learn more about the Howell-Barrex Inc. DLC, as well as the Mechanical Man update here.

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