Red Solstice 2: Survivors Hell and Fire Update Brings the Hellfire Class

Red Solstice 2: Survivors Hell and Fire Update
Red Solstice 2: Survivors Hell and Fire Update 505 Games

Things are going to get fiery hot in Red Solstice 2: Survivors with the unleashed Hell and Fire update. The headline of this patch is the addition of a new class. A heavy primary weapon is also obtainable, as well as interface improvements that will surely help things get organized.

New: Hellfire Class

There are times that you get bombarded with a horde of enemies and your current weapons may not be enough to do the job. Well, the Hellfire class begs to differ. This type of soldier brings damage to the table using a deadly flamethrower that can set mutant hordes on fire. Not only that but the range of this weapon is powerful enough to kill a lot of enemies before they can get to you.

Speaking of weapons, there is a new primary heavy weapon called the Arclite. It uses plenty of ammunition but it does the job pretty well if your goal is to decimate any foe that you come across.

Followers in Skirmish

After you’ve played the campaign and have unlocked some followers during your run-through, those followers will now be available in Skirmish. They can be found under the Soldiers tab and will work differently from the campaign. They do gain experience points the same as you though.


There are a lot of improvements added by the Hell and Fire update. Primary weapons now deal increased damage to suppressed and armored units.

In addition, item descriptions now provide you with more information, such as stats, skills, and important values that can help you decide if you’re going to use an item or not.

Since you are fighting hordes of enemies, you must equip yourself with the right armaments. If you somehow forgot to complete your loadout, there is now a warning message telling you that there are still some empty slots that you can fill.

Patch Highlights

  • Hellfire class and follower
  • Primary heavy weapon: Arclite
  • Followers in Skirmish
  • Skirmish Boss: Saffron
  • Blacklight will spawn high threat after each biomass is destroyed
  • Gather Intel mission is more swarmy when you are inside bunker
  • Seeker mine will not deploy over edges anymore
  • Improved orbital targeting skill so it has less chance to bug out
  • Biomass kills will now properly award experience to the area around the killer instead on the area around biomass
  • Added a warning if you are starting a game with not all slots filled in loadout
  • Buffs are now displayed above enemies when they are affected by it and in the enemy info widget
  • Added HQ shortcut to toolbar
  • Loadout now has class icons instead of portraits
  • Removing modules with right-click will open that section in the armory
  • Save and load premade has class icon now next to it

Red Solstice 2: Survivors Hell and Fire update now available on PC.

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