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Red Solstice 2: Survivors
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Red Solstice 2: Survivors Update 1.2 is now available and it fixes most issues that were introduced in the last patch, including client crashes when you’ve maxed out on outposts and the unreachable power relay, among many others.

Update 1.1 has introduced a lot of new things to the game. One of the biggest features added was the Sidearm switching mechanic wherein you can easily switch to your sidearm when your primary weapon is out of bullets.

There are also some huge changes to the outpost system letting players gain valuable resources, as well as employing new strategies via the Landmark Outpost, which can be found in various game locations.

That said, when developers add new things, some bugs might have been introduced. Fortunately, the devs were quick to address them with this new update.

Since Update 1.2 mainly focuses on bug fixes, you should download it soon to enjoy a better gaming experience. Here are the highlights:

  • Changes to the save profile algorithm that includes multiple backups
  • Fixed 3 crashes in the campaign
  • Skill tree will cost only 1% XP instead of 10% now
  • Reduced size of story videos and encoded them in a more friendly environment so that people encounter fewer problems
  • Temporary disabled skill swapping in armory because it led to extremely bad breakages in some edge cases until we fix it
  • Skirmish match will now return players back to the armory
  • Capture trap will no longer block player progression if the objective was to kill the creature and you captured it
  • Players who hotjoin games will be hidden from ai for 30 seconds or until they start doing damage, they will also always spawn on the nearest spot near the rest of the squad
  • Normalized earlier and later waves
  • Removed spam of monsters from the same type
  • Fixed location where the player can get stuck
  • Fixed evac points on outskirts level
  • Reloaded old foliage prefab with new ones
  • Slightly optimized monsters
  • Monsters should be smarter and will not try to break the door if there is a passage nearby
  • Pressing the default button will now set you to default
  • Added SKIRMISH/CAMPAIGN info next to game lobby row
  • Tech tree will now show which class you will unlock by researching it
  • Reduced number of missions that spawn per week from 4 to 3 to reduce repetitiveness of missions
  • Reduced number of specialists needed for zero cell exposure and outpost relay
  • Get supplies mercs to give better rewards now
  • Rescue troops will spawn 4 ppl evac now
  • Changed insurgent gauntlet so that any player can trigger it instead of the entire team
  • Center Mass Explosion has been changed to remove blocker that was happening in certain cases
  • Elpida targeting will have the correct radius now
  • Safety zone charging increased
  • Disruptor radius increased by 500
  • Thanatos Armor will have skeletal mesh now
  • Looting supply cache completely will destroy it now to prevent any item from getting stuck in it
  • Temporary removed intro video until we find the proper solution

It is nice that the developers have fixed most of the bugs in the game. What are the things in this update that caught your attention?

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