Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Info Leaks, PUBG-Style Mode Included

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Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay details have leaked Rockstar

Rockstar just announced the Red Dead Redemption 2 release date, but we still don’t have any concrete information on what gameplay will be like, outside of the obvious open-world mission-based structure we’ve come to expect from the studio’s games. However, some information may have leaked about game modes, according to Trusted Reviews.

Trusted Reviews claims the outlet was sent a number of development notes from unnamed sources last August, but didn’t publish them at the time because they could have been fake. However, because a number of details in the documents have since proven to be accurate, Trusted Reviews now feels comfortable putting its name behind the leak.

According to the leak, Red Dead Redemption 2 will be playable in either third-person or first-person perspective, similar to GTA 5 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Autotargetting power Dead Eye will also make a return, and has been upgraded to allow players to detect nearby fish and animals. Animal parts, along with plants and herbs, can be used to craft items.

Interestingly, missions can have multiple outcomes, depending on how players approach situations. There will be some angle of morality to gameplay, with smaller actions like assaulting an NPC considered a low-severity crime, while murdering a large number of civilians would constitute a high-severity crime.

Carriages return, along with minecarts, handcarts and other vehicles Photo: Rockstar

A number of vehicles beyond of horses will be included in Red Dead Redemption 2. Players will be able to cruise around on minecarts, handcarts and a number of different carriages as well. Vehicles will come in different varieties, but it is unknown if they will be customizable to any extent.

Trusted Reviews also claims fishing will be an in-depth side activity in Red Dead Redemption 2. There will apparently be a number of different baits and lures to buy, which will probably determine which types of fish you can catch.

Red Dead Redemption Online

The leaked memo provided to Trusted Reviews also reveals a number of details about Red Dead Online , the Western equivalent to GTA Online. Three game modes have leaked already: Battle Royale, Money Grab and Revive and Survive.

Battle Royale will probably riff on the popular game mode found in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Fortnite, and will likely be very similar to the Motor Wars mode already available in GTA Online.

Trusted Reviews claims Money Grab features two teams fighting over bags of money. It sounds like a twist on Capture the Flag. Revive and Survive is another two-team game mode. Players fight to eliminate all the members of the opposing team, while reviving any downed players on their team. The team with the most active players at the end of the round wins.

Like GTA Online, players will be able to buy and upgrade property. However, instead of a fancy apartment, players can purchase tents to sleep in.

More information on the memo can be found at Trusted Reviews, though this information shouldn’t be treated as fact until Rockstar makes any announcements. However, these claims all seem pretty straightforward, given what Rockstar has done with Red Dead Redemption and GTA 5 already. We’ll just have to wait for more information before knowing if this leak is accurate.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of the rumored new features coming to Red Dead Redemption 2? What else would you like to see that hasn’t been mentioned yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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