Red Dead Online Weekly Update: First Legendary Bounty Target Now Available

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Latest weekly update is here.
Latest weekly update is here. Rockstar Games

They say that each bounty has its own story, though many of them don't end well. For this weekly update from Red Dead Online, be ready to meet the Legendary Bounties. Composed of the worst of the worst, these are considered the most dangerous bounty targets across five states.

The first of these Legendary Bounties is Barbarella Alcazar, also known as La Reina de los Banditos. As the widow of the infamous killer Ricardo Alcazar, Barbarella serves as the de facto leader of the murderous Del Lobos Gang. The gang is rumored to be hiding somewhere out in New Austin. Alcazar is wanted for extortion, thievery and of course, murder. Players need to get her alive by September 23 and turn her over to the authorities to receive the bounty. However, if she does die while you're taking her in, you get a rather lower amount.

After Alcazar, a new Legendary Bounty is going to be introduced each week. All you need to do is go to the nearby Bounty Board and see the wanted poster in order to know who you need to capture. You can take them all on your own or go with at most three of your most trusted Posse members.

It's not all Legendary Bounties, as this week's update also offers a new Collectible List. Collectors who were online last week may have noticed that they were given the chance to search for the Sacred Collection. For this week, it's time to help Madam Nazar look for the Pearls of the Sea. This collection consists of the Bonnard Pearl Ring, Durant Pearl Bracelet, and Pelle Pearl Necklace. You have until September 23 to find the complete collection and turn it in. Once you turn them over, you get a rather healthy payment.

For the featured Shootout Series, this week's update offers Free Aim. You can launch this through the Online menu.

Additionally, beginning September 17 through September 23, players get a boost amounting to 3,000 Club XP. This helps with their progress for Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club ranks. Players that have the Outlaw Pass receive an extra 2,000 Club XP. Club XP is going to be delivered within 24 hours of playing Red Dead Online.

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