Red Dead Online Summer Update Preview: Frontier Pursuits Specialist Roles Detailed, Tons Of Gameplay Changes And So Much More

Take on various challenges in the frontier with these new specialist roles.
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Rockstar Games has released a preview of the upcoming summer update for Red Dead Online.
Rockstar Games has released a preview of the upcoming summer update for Red Dead Online. Rockstar Games

Following a sneak peek last month on the latest developments in the world of Red Dead Online¸ Rockstar Games has now released more information on these upcoming changes for the game in the form of three new Frontier Pursuits, which are set to arrive this September 10 in a major update. Frontier Pursuits are an ongoing series of Roles for players to inhabit, which seeks to deliver an array of themed activities that offer a ton of rewards.

In addition to the Frontier Pursuits, massive changes will be underway to the base game itself in the form of:

  • Improvements to player control, with quicker and more responsive movements across combat and locomotion.
  • Redesigning your character’s appearance will no longer reset progress.
  • Better damage resistance while in the Defensive style.
  • New Ability Cards, new Daily Challenges, and Daily Role Challenges
  • More dynamic events
  • A slew of new items and so much more.

Each role gives out new pursuits to embark on and unique items and skills, as well as Cash and Gold payouts. Each role presents Role XP, which you get from completing various activities. There are also four distinctions in 20 Role ranks: Novice, Promising, Established and Distinguished. Players who successfully reach the highest Distinguished rank will earn a range of new skills that will be useful in all their pursuits across the frontier, advanced camp styles and comforts, and recognizable clothing items that will show off their accomplishments in each discipline.

Bounty Hunter

To get started on a career in bounty hunting, meet the Legendary Bounty Hunter in Rhodes and purchase the Bounty Hunter License, which costs 15 gold bars. However, Twitch Prime Members who link their Twitch and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts by Sunday, September 8 can get the Bounty Hunter license for free starting September 10.

By visiting bounty boards, Bounty Hunters can deal with miscreants ranging from lone low-level criminals to notorious outlaws with armed protection details. You can always opt in to bringing a Posse with you, who will take a cut from your final bounty, but make it easier to face an armed gang or multiple criminals.

Once you hit Bounty Hunter Rank 12, opportunities will open up allowing you to take down other players with bounties of $20 or more.


To get started on this route, you will ultimately enter a partnership with your camp companion Cripps, who has long dreamed of starting a trading outpost. By becoming a partner in the fledgling Cripps Trading Company, you will combine Cripps’ lifetime of working with animal materials and your skills at hunting and frontier security to develop a thriving business.

To start sourcing items for Cripps to convert, you first need a Butcher’s Table which you can purchase for 15 gold bars. As part of the continued promotion, PlayStation 4 players of Red Dead Online will receive the Butcher’s Table for free.

Hunt animals to provide Cripps with materials, with pristine pelts and carcasses producing better yields. You can also opt into Resupply Missions to acquire additional necessities through less savory tactics.

As your business grows, you can improve your yields with a Hunting Wagon for larger hauls. A growing business isn’t the easiest thing to maintain though, and as such you have to be prepared for raids on your camp made by those jealous of your success. To combat such attacks, consider getting camp dogs, which can be trained to warn you of incoming attacks.


To get started on this route, find the mysterious travelling saleswoman Madam Nazar to acquire the Collector’s Bag. This bag costs 15 gold bars, but if you somehow managed to collect all 54 hidden playing cards in GTA Online, you can forego the cost entirely.

Being a Collector in Red Dead Online means finding valuable treasures by exploring the world, like discarded Tarot cards in abandoned camps, forgotten family heirlooms, and so much more. You can either collect individual pieces for selling to Madam Nazar, or you can complete entire sets for better sales overall.

New features and gameplay updates

In addition to the three roles listed above, the update on September 10 will include many gameplay updates such as new Role Free Roam Events, which are unlocked as you progress through each Role, additional Stable slots, improved selling prices of Jewelry across the board, lootable containers in ambient wagons, more custom outfit slots, the ability to name saved Outfits in your wardrobe, weapons rebalancing to reduce reliance on headshots as the primary kill method in PvP, and much, much more.

Red Dead Online is now available to play on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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