Red Dead Online Weekly Update: 3 New Hardcore Telegram Missions Available

New missions to take on.
New missions to take on. Rockstar Games

This week’s update in Red Dead Online is a bit different than the usual. That’s because the highlight is the three new Hardcore Telegram Missions. Today we take a look into these, in addition to the other content that arrived with the update.

As a quick reminder, the difference between Hardcore Telegram and regular ones is that enemies won’t be visible on the mini-map and players don’t get any aim assistance.

New Missions

The first of the three missions is titled "Good and Dead." Here, players are tasked with killing a target in Saint Denis, the largest city in the game. The catch is the only description given about the target is the last known outfit. Making things difficult is that players need to cleanly dispose of the target. That means he shouldn’t be alerted or his gang members. Players should also not become wanted. Meeting all of these means Josiah is giving the maximum reward.

The second is "Frontier Justice," which is all about the armed occupation of the Del Lobos gang of Armadillo. While there are guarded areas in town, players can actually move freely. For this mission, players must stop whatever the gang is doing. A good start would be to free the hostages since they’ll help and tell players what else to do.

Finally, the "Cold Day in Hell" which is part of "A Tough Business." What’s this one about? A local gang is planning their next robbery and players have been asked to steal those plans. The thing is that when word gets out about the gang and where they are, the ones who hired the players are in danger. The key is cunning and stealth.

The contents of the document are actually so sensitive that the leader of the gang has become paranoid that only a small group from the gang are in Colter. Don’t think that makes it easy since backup is just a short distance away.

Traders and Moonshiners

This week, players who finish any Trader and Moonshine Sales get an additional 50% RDO$ & Role XP. Traders who play the game this week also get 25 Trader Goods while those who have The Quick Draw Club No. 3 get a Trader Resupply.

Meanwhile, Moonshiners who play this week get a Mash Refill and those who have the pass receive 2,000 Moonshiner XP.

Lastly, destroying three Revenue Agent Roadblocks results in a 40% off an Established or Distinguished Moonshiner Role Item.

Double XP

There’s a lot of competition this week and it’s a good time to join the races. That’s because all Races hand out 2X XP.


This week all Horse Care Packages are free. Discounts being offered include five Gold off not only for the Moonshine Shack but also the Butcher Table. Other discounts are:

  • Hunting Wagons (40% discount)
  • Trader Cosmetic Role Items (30% discount)
  • Moonshine Shack Upgrades and Themes (30% discount)
  • Race Horses (30% discount)
  • Stable Stalls (30% discount)
  • Ponchos (30% discount)

Red Dead Online is a multiplayer action-adventure game that first served as the online component of Red Dead Redemption 2. It was later launched as a standalone game on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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