Reboot Van Set To Arrive In Fortnite With Update V8.30

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Fortnite Reboot Van
Fortnite Reboot Van Epic Games

Epic Games has confirmed that the Reboot Van will be arriving to Fortnite Battle Royale. This new feature will be added as part of the v8.30 update, scheduled to arrive this week.

The main appeal of many battle royale games is that it allows a group of friends to form a team and play together. One flaw in this system is that when a member dies early in the game, the rest of the team either have to quit the current game and play a new one or possibly play recklessly. This was solved when Apex Legends introduced Respawn Beacons.

Respawn Beacon
Respawn Beacon Apex Legends

Under the Apex Legends system, when a teammate dies, the other members have 90 seconds to get the fallen member's banner. The banner is then brought to a Respawn Beacon in order to revive the dead teammate. The respawned member has no loot or equipment when revived, but is back in the game.

Fornite's upcoming Reboot Van works basically the same. This reboot system has long been requested by many players of Fortnite.

Once the new reboot system is in place, players get a reboot card. When a player dies, a reboot card is dropped which teammates can pick up. The teammates then bring the card to a Reboot Van to be activated. The activation is confirmed through an audio cue. In addition it also sets off a beacon which informs other players that a reboot is in progress, and how many players are being "rebooted." The rebooted player then appears on top of the van, ready to fight again. Once used successfully, the Reboot Van will be unavailable to everyone for a certain amount of time.

Similar to the Apex Legends version, the rebooted player will not have any equipment or items. Team members need to have some ready for use, or know where there's a good stash.

This is not the first time that Fortnite has taken a cue from Apex Legends. At the start of Season 8, Fortnite introduced a ping system that allowed players to communicate without the need for a voice chat. That particular feature has been considered as one of the edges Apex Legends formerly had against Fortnite.

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