Ready or Not: Suspects Now More Reactive in Patch 21677

Patch 21677
Patch 21677 Twitter/@VOIDInteractive

Patch 21677 for Ready or Not, also known as the PvE Update, is now available on Steam. It brings some AI improvements and a wealth of bug fixes.

The armored suspects in Ready or Not will now react more severely to bullet impacts. On top of that, some changes were applied to how suspects react when encountering a player. Perhaps, they're more aggressive now than before.

For bug fixes, the issue where bullets were not penetrating through limbs is resolved. Also, the excessive camera movement that happens when the player/suspect is shot with certain weapons is fixed.

The rest of the changes in Patch 21677 can be found below:

  • Fix players being able to walk through vending machines on gas
  • Removed Ridgeline and Hospital (We have received enough feedback on these levels and they will return complete later)
  • Fix ammunition penetrating through suspects despite being blocked by armor
  • Fix shotgun ammunition having incorrect penetration and armor durability damage
  • Fix buckshot having too much spread
  • Incapacitated kill penalty buffed to -200 (was -15)
  • Damage to neck bone is now considered a headshot instead of a body shot
AI (New)
  • Reduced suspect damage tracking time from 5 seconds down to 1 second
  • Fix AI getting stuck under some beds on Meth
  • Fix an issue where an arrested AI who was previously in a cover pose would snap back to the cover pose again
  • Fix a few animation snapping issues related to cover
  • Fix an issue where suspects taking damage in cover would not play a hit reaction animation
  • Fix swat AI not looking in the direction they are moving sometimes
  • Fixed bug causing AI to get stuck arresting
  • Removed suppressor socket for Python Revolver
  • Renamed PFC9 to PC19
  • Fix the M320 Grenade Launcher sometimes killing the user firing
  • New
    • Created dedicated modding FMOD bank for the modding wizards
  • Updated
    • Certain glass smashing sounds are now easier to discern in which direction they’re coming from
    • Improve footstep directional audio (especially above/below)
    • Balance SWAT footstep volume
    • Added feedback when the door is unlocked using a lockpick gun
    • Player dirt footstep SFX is now easier to hear
  • Fixes
    • Fix certain doors not playing SFX when closed
    • Fix SWAT footsteps not playing on certain surfaces
    • Fix NPC footsteps not playing on certain surface
    • Fix certain explosions having waaaay too much reverb
    • Fix certain reverb activating a second reverb
  • Added additional diegetic track
  • Certain SFX now sound like they’re coming from the world
  • General backend improvements to restaurant track
  • Overhaul for Fast Food OST (Certain combat section won’t play for now)

Ready or Not Patch 21677 is available on PC.

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