Ready or Not Adam Update: Five New Levels, Four New Weapons, AI Rework, and More

Ready or Not Adam Update
Ready or Not Adam Update VOID Interactive

Ready or Not, the tactical co-op game by VOID Interactive, received a major update early today. Adam Update is now live on the public branch and it brings a lot of content including new levels, new weapons, AI behavior changes, and more.

Five brand-new levels are introduced, namely, Agency, Data Center, Ridgeline, Hospital, and Importer. The developer reworked the lighting of every existing level to new PBL standards for realism. Plus, visual effects like muzzle flashes and flashlights are also tweaked so that they fit PBL lighting better.

Four new weapons namely, P90, MP7, SPC9, and M11 Compact, are added to the game. New music for Club, Data Center, Agency, and Main Menu is introduced, and players can now turn off Club music in the Club map via the DJ booth. The Nvidia DLSS implementation is updated to 2.3.11.

All new additions and changes for the game’s AI are mentioned below.

  • Completely rebuilt Civilian and Suspect AI. They now use a mathematical system to weigh and make continuous decisions they deem are best for their current situation and objective, instead of randomly choosing actions to take
  • “Factions” system. Each AI in every level now can have unique behavior specific to that level, and each individual NPC can act differently than the other
    • Some AI can have a “faction leader.” Arresting or killing the leader may cause a morale drop for the rest of its faction
  • “Rathole” system allowing AI to evade the player through vents and spaces through/between walls. Only some levels have this behavior
  • Hostage Taking for suspects on certain levels when specific conditions are met
  • AI suspects now have a limited ammo capacity. They can run out of ammunition after a set amount of reloads, what they do next depends on the situation
  • Suspect AI now use animations to aim and lower their weapons, instead of a simple blend between the two poses. This locks their raise-to-aim behavior causing fewer issues related to snap-shooting
  • AI will play appropriate reaction animations when encountering players. Suspects no longer immediately raise their weapons to shoot if they don’t expect your arrival, and depending on their personality they might be more easily scared than others!
  • AI now use a movement blend system. They will have to accelerate first from walking before moving at their maximum speed. This prevents erratic and unreadable AI movement suddenly moving at full speed in close quarters
  • AI reactions to being stunned by grenades have been improved, playing fullbody animations appropriate to the stun type

Ready or Not: Adam Update includes tons of changes and improvements, which you can read in great detail via Steam.

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