Ratropolis: Update 1.0.7601 Adds 12 New Cards

Ratropolis Steam

Ratropolis is an interesting game because it is a fusion of tower defense, rogue-lite, city-building, and deck-building in one. This real-time strategy game is fast-paced, so you need to think on your feet. Anyway, Update 1.0.7601 brings new cards into the game.

New Content

There are 12 new cards introduced in the latest update. They are:

  • Merchant: [Capitalism]
  • [Payback]
  • General: [Medicare Tax]
  • Builder: [Side Hustle]
  • [Firewall]
  • Scientist: [Naturals]
  • [Chemicals]
  • [Landfill]
  • [Scrap Shower]
  • Shaman: [Indulgence]
  • [Portal]
  • Navigator: [Fisherrat]

One of the most notable cards is the Scrap Shower. It allows you to remove all Scrap Cards in your deck. Plus, you deal five damage for each card removed to enemies in "3 range."

Another newly added good card is the Side Hustle. It resets the Production Time of a target building. Also, "+3 Gold" for each second of Production Time changed.


  • Fixed [Sparrow Nest], which sparrows dropped stone too early
  • [Siren]'s sound effects now play properly
  • Fixed [Fusion(Lv2)], which copied only one card
  • Fixed [Barrier], which was affecting ranged enemies
  • Fixed [Barrier]'s positive buff effect showing with the wrong color
  • Fixed [Cultural Asset], which did not include [Defensive Wall] on counting
  • [Conspiracy], [Cultural Asset], [Marionette], [Corn], [Tourism] cards now calculate their effect value at the end of their countdown
  • Fixed [Auction House], which scarcely did not give Gold
  • Fixed [Fortress], which was not affected by [Tactician] advisor
  • Fixed [Fortification] event which added additional HP to already built [Defensive Wall (Lv2)]
  • Fixed [Decorate] cards, which gaining gold was not visible enough
  • [Spy] Card's drone's projectile now has a wider hit zone
  • [Tornado]: Effects on a wider area, 2 to 3, moves enemies further away
  • [Grind]: Affects to more cards, 1 to 2
  • [Arm]: Affects to more cards, 1 to 2
  • [Hiroism(Lv2)]: Gaining gold increased, 200 to 300
  • [Grassland]: Gaining gold increased, 60 to 80
  • [Rent]: Gaining gold increased, 60 to 80
  • [Box]: Gaining stocks increased when discarded, 2 to 3
  • Fixed used cards UIs on the top of screen covering Pause/Card Deck buttons
  • Added 65 cards' sound effects

Ratropolis Update 1.0.7601 is available on Android and PC.

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