Ratropolis Update 1.0.7502: Bug Fixes, Gameplay Changes, and More

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Ratropolis received a new update that fixed tons of bugs and made some gameplay changes.

The developers have included support for the Thai language, which is an excellent addition for players in Thailand. On the bug fix side of things, the developers fixed an issue where an increased attack bonus was applied correctly but the UI failed to show the change.

Ratropolis Update 1.0.7502

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that [Militia-Bow] unit fail to gain growth when killing an enemy in a far distance
  • Fixed a bug that increased ATK bonus was applied correctly while UI failed to show the increased ATK on cards
  • As a [labor] card, this card now needs Ratizen as cost
  • Fixed a bug so that the increased [Tax cycle] due to [Pollution ] no longer increase Min value count for [Deadline]'s Tax cycle
  • Fixed an issue that different skin was applied to [Merc Leader] which had a look of Graveyard Keeper
  • Fixed a bug that [Re-use] card failed to play [Defensive Position] card again
  • Boss encounter had played old ver. BGM and we have changed it to a new BGM.
  • Permanent Cost reduction increased (-40 -to -50)
  • Gold gain increased 200 to 250
  • Gold gain increased 40 to 50
  • Card rarity increased Rare to Epic, cost increased 64 to 84
  • Card rarity decreased Rare to Common
  • Card rarity increased Rare to Epic, cost increased 95 to 160
  • Duration decreased (30s to 20s)
  • HP increased 40 to 52
  • Gold gain increased 20 to 30, cost increased 50 to 100
  • Name changed [Treasure Test Center] to [Treasury], Card rarity increased Rare to Epic, cost increased 108 to 180
  • Stock increased 3 to 5
  • Stock decreased 5 to 3, Heal amount increased (30 to 50)
  • Stock increased 3 to 5
  • Advisor: Decreased required Morph count 7 to 5
  • Advisor: Gold Gain increased (2 to 3)
  • Advisor: Card Cost Reduction increased (10 to 20)
  • Advisor: Name changed [Commander] to [Centurion], ATK bonus decreased (2 to 1)
  • [Tax cycle] which is described on the box at the top left corner, is gold acquired every 5 seconds. The numbers on the Tax Cycle box will not alter, even though [Pollution] may increase Tax cycle.
  • From the Statistics, the rightmost Advisor's tool-tip box was layered under the list of cards played, and we arranged the box back on the top of cards.

You can read more about the update here.

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