Ranch Simulator Now on Early Access at Steam

Test your ranch skills.
Test your ranch skills. Toxic Dog

Ever wondered what it feels like to manage your very own ranch? Wonder no more as Ranch Simulator is now available on Early Access at Steam. Even better, the game is currently being offered at a 20% discount. It's a huge price drop for such a simulation game with solo or co-op gameplay.

The Story

So what’s the story about? It’s pretty much like your typical simulator. The ranch has long been the pride and joy of your family but has since fallen on hard times. This means it’s your time to shine and hope to turn things around. Making this a bit difficult is the ranch being located in a remote forested valley.

The Gameplay

Of course, the main objective is to "Rebuild Your Ranch." The task is a little similar to real-life since you need to buy tools to work on repairs. Players even need to buy vehicles to help with the work. Once the main house is done, a new set of work must be done like constructing the barn, among many others.

It won’t be easy rebuilding everything from the ground as you’re going to spend money. This is where some of the player’s skills are tested. Basically, it means you have to "Look After Your Livestock." After deciding what livestock you want to raise, you have to make sure that they grow and multiply. That way you get to earn income, which you can use for your ranch rebuilding.

Being in a forested area, the ranch can give access to the game. You can "Head Out on the Hunt" for wild animals. Just remember though that you’re not the only hunter. There are dangerous predators out there too.

Early Access Content

For the Early Access, players get access to these:

  • Character creator
  • Tutorial: 10 introductory quests (including house demolishing + building)
  • 7 vehicles
  • Breed roosters and hens, hatch baby chicks from eggs
  • Sell produce: eggs, milk & pork
  • Demolish and build the barn + extensions
  • Process planks for extra money
  • Hunt and slaughter wild animals to sell
  • Day & night cycle, dynamic weather
  • Build a well and gather water

On top of those, developer Toxic Dog is planning to release these additional content:

  • April
    • Meat and Dairy Production
    • New Quests
  • June
    • Hardware Store
    • Pig Breeding
    • Additional Daily Quests
  • August
    • Horses

If you’re interested, you can get the game here.

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