Rainbow Six Test Server Changes: Melusi Rebalanced, Clearance Issues Fixed

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Rainbow Six Test Server
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Ubisoft recently made some changes for Rainbow Six Siege's test server that fixes quite a lot of bugs and even made some changes to the operators. Ubisoft implemented the starting level to be 50, so that all players can directly access ranked when they hop on the test servers.

Ubisoft also swapped the deployable shield for C4 to balance out the current meta. They didn’t want multiple game-changing operators to have shields as its very useful for information and it even denies enemies intel. Some interface options were also modified to make Siege look better visually and improve overall stability.

You can find the patch notes below:


TS Clearance Level for Ranked

We submitted a hotfix this morning to set all TS accounts previously under the level 50 clearance requirement for Ranked to level 50. These are accounts that had been played on the TS before. New accounts to the TS are automatically set to 50. This will allow all TS players access to Ranked on the TS.


Melusi - Replace deployable shield with C4.

Earlier on while re-evaluating a number of current game-meta and gameplay factors, we had made the decision to swap out Melusi's deployable shields for C4 to prevent putting extra pressure on attackers and specific attacker utility. As the TS build had already been closed by the time this decision was made, we were not able to push this change until today's TS patch. We'll be monitoring closely how the C4 performs in her loadout while the TS is ongoing.



  • FIXED - Impact grenades and Zofia's grenades explode on attacker instead of on the attacker's ballistic shield if they are sprinting/walking at time of impact.
  • FIXED - Objective discovery is not triggered when looking at it indirectly from the edge of the screen and FOV settings are above 60.


  • FIXED - Small smoke VFX at the corners where Amaru's Garra Hook attaches to the corners of the window frame.
  • FIXED - Impact and concussion grenades from Zofia's gadget at very close range do not affect enemy operators.


  • FIXED - Rappel point is incorrectly placed for the skylight above 1F Main Stairs in Consulate.
  • FIXED - Pixel peek from B Wine Cellar of Chalet.


  • FIXED – Various minor menu fixes and improvements.
  • FIXED - Visual replication issues from 3rd person POV for operators exiting rappel from a rooftop.
  • FIXED – 'None'/'Default' options for attachments, charms, headgear, and uniforms is missing.
  • FIXED - Missing flash FX for players who are in support mode.
  • FIXED - Seasonal cosmetics will now be available on the TS.


  • Y5S2 Operators can be banned on the TS
  • Missing sound in support mode and observation tools
  • Gadgets can be placed in unreachable areas of reworked House
  • AK12 reload animation and audio are out of sync.
  • Discovery playlist is missing a name on some UI elements in the main menu.
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