Rainbow Six Test Server Changes: House Spawn Peek, Glaz Issues Fixed

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Steel Wave
Steel Wave UBISOFT

Ubisoft recently added more changes for Rainbow Six Siege's test server that fixes a lot of bugs and added known issues which they will fix in the near future.

Ubisoft made a lot of changes to their latest reworked map, House, including removing a vault option prompt on the stairs towards the exterior garage. The developers also removed a spawnkill from the garage entrance. Most of these changes were made to ensure players have fun and don’t have to encounter annoying issues during the start of the game.

Glaz’s thermal scope was also not working as intended. It didn’t provide visibility through the smoke, even when the scope was fully charged.

Unfortunately, the newest operators are bannable in Ranked, which can ruin a player's experience with trying out the new characters and fully utilizing them before the main update comes out. Ubisoft is also dealing with the weapon reload animations for the M4 and AK12.

You can find the patch notes below:


Bug Fixes

  • FIXED - Echo's Yokai can sometimes clip through thin ceilings on maps and see onto the rooftops in support mode.
  • FIXED - Spawn kill on garage entrance area of House rework.
  • FIXED - Glaz's thermal scope provides no visibility through smoke even when fully charged. The yellow highlight is still visible, but weaker than intended.
  • FIXED - Spawning in 1F TV Room and 1F Music Room as spawn points for defenders on House results in 1 defender spawning at B Gym instead.
  • FIXED – Various clipping issues on maps.
  • FIXED - Metallic window cover blocking the window leading to 2F Back Stairs on House rework. Attackers will clip through it as they pass through it.
  • FIXED - Unnecessary vault prompt at stairs leading to EXT Garage Side of House rework.

Known Issues

  • VFX related to gadgets effects are missing or corrupt - fix tomorrow
  • Y5S2 Operators can be banned on the TS
  • Missing sound in support mode and observation tools
  • Gadgets can be placed in unreachable areas of reworked House
  • AK12 reload animation and audio are out of sync.
  • M4 reload animation and audio are slightly out of sync.
  • The Discovery playlist is missing a name on some UI elements in the main menu.
  • Defuser can be planted on the edge of the hatch in 2F Master Bedroom of House
  • Operator Models glow lightly when viewed from a distance
  • CPU Load displays 0% in the new advanced benchmark results report.
  • Shaky weapon sights while ADS when using some Anti-Aliasing settings, optic types, and cardinal camera orientation.
  • Players can get onto the white van in Garage of House
  • Players are unable to pick up Mozzie's Pest if deployed on the rug covering the stairs in House

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