Rainbow Six SMOL is Out for Mobile and Exclusive for Netflix Members

It's a "SMOL" world. Ubisoft

It may be a "smol" world but that won't be a problem for Rainbow Six SMOL. This top-down isometric roguelite shooter is now available for Android and iOS and exclusive for Netflix members. It's a tiny, funny, and whimsical take on the Rainbow Six universe. The game has players control a Rainbow recruit and lead a squad of Operators as they take on various missions like defusing bombs, freeing hostages, and of course, crushing bad guys. Each Operator comes with their unique abilities, weapons, and passive bonuses.

Rainbow Six SMOL offers players access to five game modes along with 10 factions of enemies that range from to gun-wielding humans, dragons, and all the way to demons. To win, players need to always put their eye on the objective and determine the enemy types that they have to face. They'll also have to make sure to match their strategy with their playstyle. Players for example who prefer to be stealthy can make the most of the recon abilities of Valkyrie. Meanwhile, those who want to go at it head-to-head can have Sledge, who's more than happy to crush everything with his trusty hammer.

After each successful mission, players can return to HQ and then use XP and in-game credits to unlock new weapons and upgrades. However, if the enemies win then the player's recruit dies forever. This means they'll have to get a new one and start from scratch. Remember that losing is not recommended.

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