Rainbow Six Siege's LATAM Stage 2 Six Mini Major Finals Results Are Out

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R6 LATAM Playday 15
R6 LATAM Playday 15 siegegg

Rainbow Six Siege's LATAM Stage 2 Six Mini Major concluded its final matches. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the matches have been held online. The LATAM Stage 2 Six Mini Major had some really exciting matches to watch this week, with the final matches played as a best of five format. We got to see a variety of maps in play, teaching us new strategies that can be implemented into our own games.

Liquid had one map advantage, as the team came directly from the upper brackets. On the other side of the match, oNe came from the lower brackets, which put them at a disadvantage.

The grand finals matchup between Team oNe and Team Liquid was the most exciting matchup fans could have asked for. The first map was played on Clubhouse, which is a defender-sided map with the Thatcher ban. The Glaz ban from the side of Team oNe was quite surprising, but oNe banned Glaz against Liquid during the semi-finals as well to counter smoke plants. Team oNe showed a pretty nice roam strategy for the basement round, which included oNe's Mute, Vigil, and Jager holding CCTV and garage.

Liquid was ready for oNe’s roaming strategy and countered it with ease. Liquid even showed up on round three, where oNe did a pretty good job of extending the CCTV site into Gym/Bedroom, which is pretty different compared to what other teams do. Liquid’s André "Nesk" Oliveira ran into CCTV, distracting two opponents in Garage, while the rest of Liquid executed through Construction and won the round relying on frags. Luccas "Paluh" Molina from Liquid played extremely well even though he was playing Hibana, which is a support operator. Paluh breached walls and then focused on picking frags, which got him to over 10 kills in the first half. Liquid closed the first half with a 6-0 scoreline on attack, which is impressive considering the bans favor the defending side.

Team oNe managed to get the first round on attack, which was surprising as Liquid was dominating during the first half. Liquid was running the default ranked strategies, which could be one of the reasons oNe was able to counter Liquid easily. Liquid wanted to close the match, so they used Clash, which made oNe’s attack strategy easy to counter. Liquid took the first map with a 7-1 scoreline and Paluh carried Liquid with 14 kills playing operators like Hibana and Wamai.

The second map was played on Coastline, which is a frag-heavy map. The first round went in the favor of oNe, as oNe extended into Penthouse while playing on the Hookah site. Teams rarely extend into Penthouse because of how linear the area is, but oNe used it to rotate between white stair and luggage, which actually won oNe the round. Team oNe’s defense was super hard for Liquid to counter and on round four, Team oNe took the round flawless. Liquid used Lion to prevent oNe from rotating between sites and moving around too much in general, but Mute and Vigil were played by oNe to counter the scans. Liquid only managed to get a single round on attack, which is terrible considering Coastline favors attackers and frag-heavy teams. The first half resulted in oNe leading with a 5-1 scoreline.

Liquid managed to bring it back on defense, with Nesk and Paluh fragging out for Liquid. Eventually oNe managed to pick more rounds and won the map with a 7-5 scoreline.

The final map was played on Oregon, which is a defender-sided map. Oregon is a map which Liquid is well versed with, but oNe was able to get the first two round of defense by denying Liquid from planting the bomb. The first half of the map finished with Liquid taking 4 rounds on attack, which is really good considering Oregon favors defense. When it came to Liquid on defense, it was a walk in the park as oNe wasn’t able to counter Liquid. Liquid took the series with a 7-3 scoreline with Paluh sitting on 13 frags.

For more coverage on Rainbow Six Siege's LATAM Stage 2 Six Mini Major, you can watch all the streams on Twitch or YouTube.

So, what are your thoughts on the ongoing Rainbow Six Siege LATAM Stage 2 Six Mini Major? Have you enjoyed the games and learned strategies from the pro players? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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