Rainbow Six Siege's APAC North Mini Major Stage 2 Grand Finals Match Results Out

Giants vs Cloud 9
Giants vs Cloud 9 youtube

Rainbow Six Siege's APAC North Mini Major Stage 2 concluded its grand finals and the results are out. The matches were online because of COVID-19. The event showed exciting matches with the grand-finals played in the best of five format. The strategies used by the players may work on your competitive games.

The matchup between Giants and Cloud 9 was the best rematch anyone could ever ask for. The first map was Oregon - a defender-sided map. The match was pretty close for both teams. They kept winning every alternate round until the overtime match point. SpkEasy was the driving force for Giants' victory on the first map. He stood out on the leaderboard with 21 kills by the end of the first map. Giants were able to take the first round with an 8-7 scoreline. It was rather surprising since Cloud 9 seemed to be in their form too.

The final map was played on Consulate. The final match was also a close one. Both teams showed similar playstyles on Oregon. The only difference was Giants played more aggressively than Cloud 9. They were so aggressive that they would jump out of every window.

The Giants were on the attack during the basement round. The match's main highlight was we got to see Glaz in play. Giants took control of the site using Glaz. They also covered all rotations from outside the building. This led the team to finish the series with a 3-0 score on the best of five series. Hysterix carried the final map with 17 kills.

It was super exciting to see Giants back on top after their defeat on the Mini Major Stage 1. You could see the player's reaction at the end of the stream where Ysaera started to tear up after their victory.

For more coverage on Rainbow Six Siege's APAC North Mini Major Stage 2, watch all the streams on Twitch or YouTube .

What are your thoughts on the ongoing Rainbow Six Siege APAC North Mini Major Stage 2? Have you enjoyed the games and learned new tricks from the pro players? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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