Rainbow Six Siege Y7S2 Pre-Season Designer’s Notes: More Options for Screen Shakes and Operator Changes

Rainbow Six Siege Y7S2 Pre-Season Designer’s Notes
Rainbow Six Siege Y7S2 Pre-Season Designer’s Notes Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege developers released the Designer's Notes of Y7S2. Several operators will be receiving a third secondary weapon, which will give players more options to take gunfights. These changes aren’t out yet, but if you want to test them out, go to the test server.

Screen Shake

A screen shake feature in a competitive FPS game can make it quite annoying for players because it can be distracting. To counter this issue, the developers deployed a change in Y6S3 to reduce screen shakes. However, many still suffered even after that. So, the developers are adding a new option to completely turn it off or reduce the shakes. This option will be under the Accessibility Sections in the Options Menu.

Crouch Walking

Hearing enemy footsteps always gives players an estimate of where the enemies will come from. But crouch walking allowed players to stay silent while moving at a decent speed. This lets them move around the map and sneak into objectives to win rounds. It’s annoying, especially in modes like Ranked and Casual where players don’t tend to get on cams frequently. So, the developers increased the volume of crouch walking, aligned to how fast the movement is.

If you still want to move around the map without getting heard, you can always ALT walk. But keep in mind that you will be moving very slowly.


Glaz’s pick rate is extremely low because of his OTs-03 Rifle, which is mainly used for long-range fights or holding the defuser from a distance while the site is smoked. The developers are trying to increase his pick rate by making him a three-speed, one armor operator from two-speed, two armor. These changes should theoretically make the operator better especially with the Bearing-9 as his secondary weapon.

Secondary Weapons

Several operators will have the option to choose between three secondary weapons, which should help them win more fights, be it short-range or medium-range. Check out the list below:

  • Amaru - ITA12S
  • Clash - P-10C
  • Dokkaebi - C75-AUTO
  • Finka - GSH-18
  • Glaz - Bearing-9
  • Gridlock - SDP 9mm
  • Kali - P22 Mk5
  • Lion - P9
  • Tachanka - Bearing-9

You can read more about the update here.

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