Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3.3 Patch Notes: Operator Balances and Bug Fixes

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Rainbow Six Siege recently received a new update that made operator balancing changes and fixed some bugs. Alibi’s Mx4 Storm and Mozzie’s P10 Roni now have increased vertical recoil. This change was made because the weapons' recoil was too easy to control. However, this change is pretty bad for the game because many other weapons have been nerfed, and most guns feel unusable now.

There are good changes Ubisoft added in this patch. First, Clash’s secondary weapon has been replaced by the Super Shorty. Second, all operators with hard breach charges will get an additional one. Clash now brings more utility and can now make rotations. On the other hand, attackers with two hard breach charges have more freedom to open walls and hatches across the map.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3.3 Patch Highlights

  • Increased number of Armor Panels to 4 (was 3).
  • Reduced number of punches required to destroy an Armor Panel to 9 (was 12).
  • No longer limited to placing 1 trap per door/window frame.
  • Added Bulletproof Camera (removed Nitro Cell).
  • Reduced Dash refresh time to 8 seconds (was 12 seconds).
  • Increased number of Mag-NETs to 6 (was 4).
  • Reduced catching area of effect to 3.5 meters (was 5 meters).
  • Attacker is removed from the match if they injure a hostage that is later revived and eliminated by a Defender.
  • Ammo counter flashes red after switching weapons.FIXED – The G36Cs rail reduces visibility when the Red Dot is equipped.
  • If a player is reconnecting, round doesn't end when the last opponent is eliminated.
  • "Join Party" option is not functional in the Ubisoft Connect overlay and client.
  • Rim lighting is applied to Operators on the victory screen.
  • Muffled sound is heard on some weapons.
  • Defenders can vault on top of an unreachable location and secure a win for their team in the Doktor's Curse Event.
  • The attacker's hammer animation freezes and loops without collision when holding down the trigger button in the Doktor's Curse Event.
  • Bar shadow at 1F Bar disappears when viewed from trapdoor in 2F Library Entrance on Chalet map.
  • Asset and collision issues on Bank map and Kafe Dostoyevsky map.
  • The light of the wall cladding located at 3F Lounge disappears when LOD lowers when viewing it from 3F Casino on Yacht map.
  • Player is unable drop the defuser on the roof above 2F Billiards Room on Coastline map.
  • Kapkan is not receiving 20p for each activated trap.
  • Various UI issues.
  • Various localization issues.

You can read more about the update here.

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