Rainbow Six Siege Launching The Sixth Guardian Program To Support Charity

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Support a good cause.
Support a good cause. Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege has never shied away when it comes to charitable causes. To keep the good will going, Ubisoft has recently launched its Sixth Guardian program where players can score some exclusive gear for their Operators and in return support charitable efforts. This latest initiative kicks off in Operation Neon Dawn with the AbleGamers Operator bundle for Doc.

The first of the Sixth Guardian bundles lets players deck out the already heavily armored healer Doc. The bundle comes with some headgear, a uniform, a weapon skin, and even a weapon charm. All of this has been designed with AbleGamers and themed around both the charity's logo and colors.

The bundle is also launching along with the debut of Year 5 Season 4. It’s priced at 1,200 R6 credits and can be accessed through the in-game store. All net proceeds go to AbleGamers in order to support players with disabilities.

For those of you wondering, AbleGamers is a charity that was established back in 2004. The organization hopes to assist players with disabilities in playing video games through the use of controllers and inputs that have been individually customized. The idea behind it is that while players may have the same disability, they may have different needs. AbleGamers therefore works with people on an individual basis. This way, they are able to give the right solution and give gamers the ability to play, as well as enjoy, their favorite video games.

In a statement, Director of Peer Support at Ablegamers Steve Spohn said that they are more than honored to collaborate with Ubisoft in supporting players with disabilities. He added that they are truly excited “to have the ranks of the Rainbow Six community joining our quest to combat social isolation and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities by providing the equipment and knowledge they need to play in the virtual worlds we love so much.”

Meanwhile, in the same statement, Karen Lee revealed that the community team has always been finding ways to engage players and rally them together. Lee is not only the Lead Community Developer for Rainbow Six Siege, but is also responsible for creating the Sixth Guardian program.

She went on to say that Rainbow Six Siege has always held charity show matches or even donated money to causes that are relevant to its community. She added that AbleGamers is indeed a wonderful organization and that “they’ve done a lot to open up discussions about accessibility in gaming and had a positive impact in that space and on a lot of individuals.”

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