Rainbow Six Siege Six Invitational Lower Brackets Day 2

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Rainbow Six Siege’s biggest event for 2021, the Six Invitational held in Paris, concluded its second playday in lower brackets for playoffs. The single-elimination format groups meant that the teams in the lower bracket will have to win to survive. All the matches are played in a best-of-three format, which makes it really competitive.

Match 1: Team Empire vs. Team oNe

Team Empire dominated oNe by destroying them on Villa with a 7-2 scoreline and followed by a flawless 7-0 on Clubhouse. Unfortunately, this makes Team oNe the first LATAM team to exit the Six Invitational.

Match 2: Team Liquid vs. Parabellum Esports

Parabellum had a really good run in the group stages and even beat G2 Esports in the playoffs, which proved their strength as a new team. However, Team Liquid’s aggressive playstyle and experience allowed them to beat Parabellum. Liquid won the first map on Coastline with a 7-4 scoreline, followed by a flawless 7-0 on Clubhouse.

Match 3: BDS Esports vs. FURIA Esports

It was really surprising to see BDS in the lower brackets, which was previously knocked out by Ninjas In Pyjamas. The matchup between BDS and FURIA went across all three maps and that was unexpected. FURIA won the first map on Oregon with a 7-5 scoreline, and this shocked everyone because BDS played the map really well. However, BDS was able to reset its mentality after the first map and took the remaining maps. The second map played on Clubhouse was taken by BDS with a 7-4 scoreline, followed by a dominating 7-1 scoreline on Consulate.

Match 4: Team SoloMid vs. MKERS

Another surprise was seeing TSM on the lower brackets after their defeat against FaZe Clan. But their match against MKERS went pretty smooth. TSM won the first map, Coastline, with a 7-3 scoreline and the second map, Consulate, with a 7-5 scoreline.

You can watch the stream over here. Check out the match details here.

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