Rainbow Six Siege Server Upgrade This Week: What to Expect

Ubisoft is amping up their game with server upgrades for Rainbow Six: Siege across all platforms.
Ubisoft is amping up their game with server upgrades for Rainbow Six: Siege across all platforms. Ubisoft

Rainbow Six: Siege has announced the migration of servers to "newer, faster" machines sometime this week. The announcement came out on the game’s official Twitter account amidst many long-running complaints from players who have had to face increasing game connectivity concerns. With player frustration growing, developer Ubisoft finally takes solid measures by upgrading their servers to accommodate RS Siege 's rising player population. Although the server migration process may take months to complete, the expected end result would be fewer to no connection issues moving forward.

Before the server upgrade announcement, Ubisoft’s tech support forums got flooded with complaints regarding connectivity issues, from both players and content creators. On the PC forums alone, you’ll see plenty of players who’ve run into connection issues - from cloud sync failure to total inability to connect to game servers. These issues have been around for a while but they’ve been especially prevalent over the past few weeks.

Right now, RS Siege enjoys a massive player count of over 70 million gamers around the world. With connectivity issues inhibiting player experience - server timeouts, disconnections, and cloud sync failures abound - there’s no doubt Ubisoft’s failure to act on the prevailing issues would lead to embarrassment for the brand and the loss of player confidence in their platform.

According to the latest update, PC and PlayStation servers are mobilizing to more up-to-date hardware starting this week. Hopefully, the new servers will be able to handle RS Siege ’s millions-strong player base and eliminate those issues once and for all. Since they’re implementing the server upgrade on a region-by-region basis, we can expect the new server rollout to take place over the next few months. Xbox players might have to wait a little longer, but a server upgrade for them is in the works as well.

What do you think about Ubisoft’s plans to implement the server upgrade for RS Siege across PC and console? Have you experienced any of the connectivity issues mentioned? Let us know what you think in the comments section below, and don’t forget to check back with us soon for the latest updates on RS Siege and all your favorite games.

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