Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Season 11 EU Playday 12 Recap

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Rainbow Six Siege Season 11 Pro League just concluded its twelfth playday. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the season finals and games will be held online. The prize pool will be split among the top teams of each region.

So far, only Rogue has been performing consistently well with seven wins, four ties, and only one loss. All the other teams have at least five or more losses in their matches through the season. Rogue has held the top spot since the start of the season and they always perform well online, but tend to choke during LAN matches. In second place is the Russian team forZe with 19 points and following them is another Russian team called Team Empire, who has been in a slump for a while also with 19 points.

You can check the stats below:

Playday 12
Playday 12 Siege.gg

Jack "Doki" Robertson was banned by ESL about six months ago for toxic behavior in-game and the ban was lifted for him to return for the 12th playday. Doki’s return to Natus Vincere was one of the best games to watch as they played against G2 Esports and Doki just popped off during the match with 11 kills. Doki is playing support, which started bringing Natus Vincere back to their original form.

Another exciting match to watch was Team Empire vs Chaos. This match was insane to watch as Team Empire did a reverse sweep to win the map. Team Empire lost the first five rounds against Chaos only to beat them every other round in a flawless fashion. This streak was mainly thanks to Danila " dan" Dontsov, who had 17 kills in the game.

So, what are your thoughts on the ongoing Pro League season 11 for Rainbow Six Siege? Are you enjoying all the amazing matches teams are putting on? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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