Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy Appendum Patch Notes Available

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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy Details
Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy Details ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy went live today. The new season adds Sam Fisher to the game and reworked the Chalet map. However, the update doesn’t just add new content. It also makes significant gameplay changes to keep Siege feeling fresh.

After spending weeks in the Test Server, the majority of the changes have made their way into the final game. These changes are mentioned below.

PING 2.0

Let’s be honest, this new ping system is only here because of Apex Legends. Apex utilized a similar ping system which became famous in the gaming industry. Several other games have already adopted this change. PING 2.0 has been a great success on the Test Server, especially for casual players. However, Ubisoft did see some drawbacks in high tier plays.


The biggest change this season is easily the new optics. Siege has always given an advantage to attackers in respect to Sights. Attackers had access to 3.0x ACOG and Defenders had access to 1.0x Sights (there were some exceptions). These new changes try to diminish the advantage attackers have in a gunfight.

ACOG magnification is reduced from 3.0x to 2.5x. New 1.5x and 2.0x options have been added to several attackers and defenders. A new 3.0x magnification sight is still there, but only for DMRs.

The 1x HOLO sight is also reworked, however, the developers aren’t so sure about this. That’s why some defenders like Wamai (AUG A2), Oryx (Mp5), and Pulse (Ump 45) have old HOLO and other defenders like Castle (Ump45), Doc (Mp5), and Echo (Mp5SD) have access to the new HOLO sight. It will be interesting to see how this affects the game.


ADS sensitivity now goes all the way up to 200. I don’t know who’s going to use it, but it’s nice to have the option. There is a complete ADS sensitivity conversion guide that you can check out for more information.


The bomb is now completely opaque. The grill-like slits have been removed (finally). This is sad news for all the DOC mains that used to hold a pixel angle with those slits.



Even after the 1000MMR limit, some players still find a way to boost. Ubisoft is aware of that and they don’t like it. From now on, the MMR of any player cannot drop below 1,000, no matter how many matches he/she loses. This will stop many derankers who try to get their account to negative MMR so that they can boost an unranked account.


Every online game has toxic players. To counter them, developers have added a vote-to-kick feature. However, now this feature is also being abused. As a result, devs have decided that they will remove this feature in near future.


From now on, when you report a player for either hacking or toxicity, any action taken against them will be reported to you via an in-game notification. I will love to see how many hackers I reported get banned.

The new season also brought tons of bug fixes and small tweaks. You can read about them on the official site over here.

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