'Rainbow Six Siege' Operation Health Patch Arrives May 24: Glaz Nerfed, New Matchmaking Explained

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R6 Siege Glaz
Is Glaz overpowered in 'Rainbow Six Siege'? Serenity17 / YouTube

On Tuesday morning, Ubisoft blog announced its Operation Health 2.2.1 patch update will be ready for Rainbow Six Siege on May 24. The latest update will tackle a slew of major issues to connectivity and gameplay.

First, Rainbow Six Siege will implement the anticipated One-Step Matchmaking. What this means is instead of adding players one-by-one into a matchmaking lobby, the newly redesigned system will collect 10 players at once and distribute them in a way that will make the teams balanced.

Not only is the One Step Matchmaking designed to reduce the overall time necessary to find a match, the new UI will also help players optimize the use of their time – the new patch will allow players to return to main menu to change operator loadouts, customization options, settings and even access the in-game store before a match begins.

And while UI and matchmaking improvements are wonderful for Rainbow Six Siege, players have been pleading to Ubisoft for big changes to Glaz ever since his major makeover in Velvet Shell. Thankfully, Ubisoft listened and will give a nerf the Spetsnaz so greatly deserves.

According to the Rainbow Six Siege Operation Health panel discussion, Glaz will get a mild nerf that will reduce the damage of his sniper rifle. Instead of just one or two shots to down an enemy, it will take about three shots for Glaz to finish off a target. Next, the recoil on Glaz's gun will increase as well, which will require a little more patience from players to allow the crosshairs to return to their target.

As for the current Attacker meta, Glaz has become somewhat of a linchpin operator. Throw smoke grenades for cover and lead an aggressive push with Glaz has become a textbook play in the pro leagues. Supports like Thermite and Ash, who are both armed with smoke grenades and breaching utility, also do great work to help Glaz get into position for a solid objective take.

The upcoming Rainbow Six Siege patch will dismantle this meta as well – Thermite and Ash will no longer carry smoke grenades. Instead, smoke grenades are now redistributed to Jackal and Fuze, which both are operators that can most effectively use their abilities when they're already inside the building.

What are your thoughts on the latest Rainbow Six Siege Operation Health 2.2.1 patch update, arriving May 24? Let us know in the comment section below. Also check out the Rainbow Six Siege 'Operation Health' Developer Panel:

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