Rainbow Six Siege North American League 2021 Stage 3: Playday 6

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Rainbow Six Siege North American League has just concluded its sixth playday of Stage 3. This is an important league as the top four teams will qualify for the Six Major.

Spacestation Gaming vs. Team SoloMid

The match between these two teams was played on Oregon, which is a defender-sided map. SSG banned Warden on defense to pick Ying. Ying allows easy entry into the site while enemies are flashed. This makes it simple for attackers to control the site and plant the defuser. TSM expected SSG to use this strategy and countered it perfectly. TSM played operators Wamai, Jager, Maestro, Smoke, and Ela to deny the attackers entry while having information on their position. The sixth round was the most exciting as Dylan "Bosco" Bosco of SSG successfully snuck into the Kids’ Dorms.

As the defenders were distracted, Bosco was able to get a triple kill. SSG used this to their advantage and won the sixth round. The first half was even for both teams at 3-3. After the side switch, SSG just had a flawless next round. In the seventh round, SSG Matthew "Hotancold" Stevens got a triple kill by just holding the freezer. Hotancold was able to continue this rampage and got 21 kills by the end of the game. SSG won the game with a 7-4 scoreline.

Mirage vs. Astralis

This match was played on Villa. Mirage started out on defense and made a huge mistake in the first round. Mirage was not holding each other's crossfires, and Astralis took advantage of this. Astralis just walked through one door and killed the defenders to win the round.

Mirage understood their mistake and fixed them, which made them dominate Astralis in the first half, with a 4-2 scoreline. After the side switch, Mirage chose to play aggressively on the attack. This worked out for them with the many gunfights they won. Astralis had no counterplay to Mirage’s attack and lost almost every round. Mirage won the game with a 7-3 scoreline.

You can watch the stream over here. Check out the match details here.

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