Rainbow Six Siege: Mouse and Keyboard, DDoS, and Streamer Mode Issues Being Resolved

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Ubisoft released a blog post noting several broken features/bugs in Rainbow Six Siege. These bugs are one of the major reasons for the declining player base across all platforms. The vulnerability of console players to DDoS attacks and the use of mice and keyboards are some of the game exploits. Casual gamers, streamers, and even professional players can experience these issues. Developers are now looking for effective solutions.

  • Mouse & Keyboard on Consoles

Players using mouse and keyboard on consoles always get advantages over those using controllers. This issue is currently under investigation. Developers may plan to treat the use of mouse and keyboard as cheating, which will result in bans.

  • DDoS on Consoles

DDoS attacks are very common on consoles. It is a persistent issue since Year Four of Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft already took legal action on some players who committed DDoS. This decreased the number of attacks on the game. But it didn't solve the problem. So, Ubisoft is working on a plan to completely prevent such attacks.

  • Streamer Mode

The streamer mode is a highly requested feature by players. Though, players may use it to watch a streamer, join the game, and do some queue sniping. Many instances where players would queue into a streamer’s lobby. And then, be toxic or teamkill the streamer. Developers will work on this problem around the first half of Year Six.

  • Bullet Holes peeking

This is a very disgusting feature in the game. When a player shoots a bullet to the wall, they can gain vision of the entire hallway. While the opposite side can’t see the tiny hole at a distance. Bullet Holes make the game one-sided for players who lack intel on others. As such, it is super annoying to handle an enemy exploiting these holes.

More details on the fixes over here:

So, what do you think about Ubisoft’s statement on fixing these issues? Do you think the plans for the future will work out or will the game be dead by then? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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