Rainbow Six Siege Mexico Majors Day 3 Group C and D

Rainbow Six Siege Mexico Major
Rainbow Six Siege Mexico Major Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege Mexico Major just concluded its final playday of groups. Only four teams from Group C and D would make it out to the playoffs.

Group C

DAMWON Gaming vs. G2 Esports

This match was played on Villa, which is a defender-sided map. G2 has already lost the match in terms of seeding. Even if G2 wins, there is no chance for them to make it to the playoffs. DWG started on attack and destroyed G2 by taking five rounds in the first half. G2’s coordination was terrible and they were unable to counter DWG’s playstyle.

The first half went 5-1 in favor of DWG. After the side switch, the match wasn’t any better for G2 as they seemed to have already given up. DWG took advantage of this and finished the game with a 7-2 scoreline. This win for DWG secures them a spot in the playoffs.

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. G2 Esports

This match was the most exciting match as we got to see the previous major winner playing against one of the best teams in Europe, on Clubhouse. NIP started on defense and played a roam-heavy strategy, which got them four rounds in the first half, resulting in a 4-2 scoreline.

After the side switch, G2 tried something similar to NIP’s roam and they were also able to take four rounds, which led the match into overtime. G2 was able to read NIP’s pushes and counter them. This helped G2 in winning the game with an 8-6 scoreline.

Group D

Invictus Gaming vs. Team Empire

This match was an important match for IG as they needed to win the remaining matches to get into the playoffs. These two teams played on Clubhouse, which is a defender-sided map. The bans were nothing too special, but Empire banned Hibana on attack to deny attackers from opening the hatch easily.

Empire started the game on attack and won five rounds by just playing their usual strategies. On the other hand, IG seemed to hesitate a lot and this cost them the game. The first half resulted in a 5-1 scoreline in favor of Empire. After the side switch, Empire swiftly won the final two rounds and finished the game with a 7-1 scoreline. This loss for IG denies them the chance for playoffs.

The four teams from Group C and D that made it into playoffs are DarkZero Esports, DAMWON Gaming, Team Liquid, and Team Empire.

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