Rainbow Six Siege: Lion 'Drone' & Finka 'Nanobot' Signature Device Breakdown

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Finka and Lion are the latest CBRN operators to join Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera.
Finka and Lion are the latest CBRN operators to join Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera. UBISOFT

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera creeps ever closer and Ubisoft has unveiled the full specs of its anticipated CBRN operators, Lion and Finka. Lion is a French attacker armed with a special EE-One-D UAV. Russian attacker Finka brings a novel nanobot tech to the table.

Up first, Lion's signature device is the EE-One-D drone, which is used to "survey hot zones and maintain quarantine protocols on missions." The drone's device is able to see through walls and tag moving enemies. Enemies that remain still can escape detection, but they will betray their position the moment they take a step. There are several operators with recon and surveillance abilities, such as Valkyrie, Pulse, Caveira, Echo and Twitch. However, Lion's drone is uniquely superior in some ways: the range of the drone covers the entire map and will create a red outline around enemy positions that will be visible to the entire team. However, the drone also has its shortcomings—the ability only lasts four seconds and only identifies enemy movement. If an enemy lies still during the four second period, Lion's drone will not catch them. In terms of practical use, I think the EE-One-D will be extremely useful to counter roamers that attempt long rotation flanks.

Lion's loadout.
Lion's loadout. Ubisoft

Lion is a two-speed, two-armor operator and is armed with a choice of three primary weapons: the V308 assault rifle, 417 Marksman Rife, SG-CQB shotgun. Next, Lion has two secondaries: P9 Pistol, LFP586. Finally, his secondary gadgets include the Claymore and Stun Grenade.

Next is Finka. Her nanobot device contains a "pharmological cocktail" that contains performance enhancing drugs. The bots can be delivered to her teammates to offer a short health boost, revive, and even steadier aim. It's an ability like we've never seen in Rainbow Six Siege. The team at Ubisoft has long considered an operator with abilities similar to GIGN defender Doc, but it was never introduced until Finka.

Once again, Finka's nanobots bring unique abilities we do not see from Doc. When her ability is triggered, it delivers a "global buff" that enhances the entire team. All teammates will not only receive an extra 20 HP, but downed teammates can be instantly revived as well. Beyond health, operators will improve efficiency as well—faster Aim-Down-Sight and steadier recoil. However, this buff only lasts for 20 seconds.

What's more, Finka's nanobot ability can only be used twice per round and is not invincible. Certain defenders have ways to counter the boost. Firstly, operators that receive the buff will experience faster breathing, which will make them more vulnerable to Smoke's toxic charges. The beauties will take away HP quicker than normal. In addition, the heart rate increases also. Pulse can scan boosted operators from a longer distance with his detector. Lesion's cunning Gu mines and the strong concussion from Echo's Yokai drone will also counter the boost and end its effects immediately. Last but not least, down-but-not-out operators in a Frost trap will not get revived.

Finka's loadout.
Finka's loadout. Ubisoft

Finka is another two-speed, two-armor attacker that also has a choice of three primaries and two secondary weapons. Players can choose the Spear. 308, SASG-12, and 6P41. Secondaries include the PMM PIstol and GSH-18. Secondary gadgets feature the Breach Charge and Stun Grenade.

It's interesting that the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera update will introduce two attackers after a trend of both new attackers and defenders. What do you think of the new operators? Let us know in the comment section below.

Be sure to also catch Finka and Lion gameplay footage in the video below:

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