Rainbow Six Siege LATAM Stage 2 Playday 11 Results Are Out

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R6 LATAM Playday 15
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Rainbow Six Siege's LATAM League 2020 stage two concluded its eleventh playday and the results are here. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the matches have been held online. The LATAM League had some really exciting matches to watch this week, with all the matches played as a best of two format.

The most exciting matchup for the eleventh playday was between Team Liquid and Team oNe. The first map was played on Oregon, which is a utility-heavy map. Luccas "Paluh" Molina used an interesting loadout for Sledge. Paluh ran the shotgun and SMG-11 combination instead of the Assault Rifle and SMG-11. This loadout didn’t stop Paluh from fragging out oNe and even getting a sledgehammer kill in the process. The first half ended with oNe and Liquid in a 3-3 tie, which is decent considering Liquid’s a pretty strong team.

Team oNe played the attacking split really well by countering Liquid’s setup. Liquid seemed to be trolling around a bit, which led to Liquid’s defeat on the first map. Team oNe took the first map with a 7-4 scoreline. Rappz was an instrumental player for Team oNe, as he was able to frag out Liquid and top the leaderboard with 11 kills.

The second map was played on Coastline, which is a frag-heavy map. Team oNe played super aggressively on the defensive side. One such instance was when Reduct jumped out of the big window on Penthouse to spawn peek Nesk and return back to site. Team oNe was able to win six rounds consecutively on the first defense split, which allowed oNe to have a 6-0 advantage against Liquid. The side change didn’t matter to oNe, as Liquid seemed to have already given up on the match. Team oNe took the second map with an impressive 7-0 scoreline.

Another exciting match to watch was between FaZe and INTZ. The first map was played on Consulate, which is an attacker-sided map. Both teams played really well in terms of strategy. In the end it came to which team could frag better.

FaZe’s attack in the sixth round was terrible, as it was down to a 1v2 post-plant situation for FaZe. INTZ had one player defusing the bomb and the other jumping out of yellow door to prevent the counter defuse. INTZ was able to use default strategies and beat FaZe with a 7-5 scoreline.

The second map was played on Clubhouse, which is a defender-sided map with Thatcher banned. FaZe banned both Clash and Montagne, like FaZe did against W7M gaming on the tenth playday. INTZ managed to end the first half with a 4-2 scoreline, which is really impressive considering the Thatcher ban. Vinícius "live" Santos clutched on round six with Smoke by just rotating away from one enemy and killing the enemy who was planting in Gym. FaZe’s attack strategies were much better, but the team was unable to execute the site and win rounds in the final moments. Round 11 had a major game winning play by VnX, as he fended off four attackers on Gym by holding one angle. FaZe read the situation really poorly and lost the final round on the Basement attack. INTZ won the second map with a 7-4 scoreline.

The final match for the eleventh playday was between Furia and MIBR. The first map was played on Clubhouse, which is a defender-sided map with the Thatcher ban. Furia was able to take the first half with a 4-2 scoreline, which is strong considering the map is defender focused. Furia depends more on fragging compared to strategies and that could be seen in Furia’s attack on Basement. Furia just ignored MIBR’s roam on the Basement defense and rushed site. They even managed to get the plant down. However, MIBR was able to retake the site and win the round easily. The match resulted in a 6-6 tie, which was actually quite surprising as MIBR is a pretty strong team.

The second map was played on Coastline, which is a frag-heavy map. MIBR opted to play on Penthouse the first defense, which is pretty surprising as Penthouse is the least picked bomb site across all regions. The strategy MIBR employed for the Penthouse defense included operators such as Castle, Clash, Goyo, Mira, and Wamai. The basic idea behind MIBR’s strategy was to extend across V.I.P. and Luggage, while denying using shields and Wamai gadgets. Furia was unable to counter the defensive setup and lost the first round. Both teams played extremely well, but MIBR was always one step ahead of Furia, which allowed MIBR to take the second map with a 7-4 scoreline.

For more coverage on Rainbow Six Siege’s LATAM League 2020 stage two, you can watch all the streams on Twitch or YouTube.

So, what are your thoughts on the ongoing LATAM League 2020 stage two for Rainbow Six Siege? Have you enjoyed the games and learned strategies from the pro players? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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