Rainbow Six Siege: Here's How the Reputation System Works

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The Reputation System in Rainbow Six Siege can be best described as a morality system. It's a way of promoting positive behavior while at the same time try to discourage any toxicity. The system also has players understand when an action is seen as disruptive and why it is considered as such.

This system was first announced way back in 2020 but the fully release has always been delayed. Early this month, Operation Deep Freeze went live which meant the start of a new season. However, it also marks the full release of the Reputation System. Today we're taking a look into what that means for players.

Grace Period

Let's start with the fact that with the full release, the Reputation System now has updated features and UI. In addition, there's going to be what's known as a grace period. This gives you the chance to be accustomed with the updated system without having an impact on their Reputation Standing. However, it is important to note even with the grace period, penalties that are already live like communication penalties and reverse friendly fire are still in effect.

Reputation Center

As mentioned, the updated Reputation System now brings even more information to all players. This should give you the biggest opportunities especially when it comes to improvement. The update Reputation Center is going to have two new sections which are Tips and Guides. With this, you should be able to get access to tips which can help improve your Reputation Standing.

By the way with the full version now available, you should be able to see notifications having information on any changes happening to your Reputation Standing. You'll be notified on the adjustments made to your Reputation Standing along with any possible effects that your current behavior may have on that Reputation Standing.

New Impacts

Now depending on your Reputation Standing, you're going to experience a range of positive, as well as negative, impacts. Positive and good behavior for example could let you get:

  • Improved Renown gain.
  • Increased experience points.
  • Bonus Alpha Pack progress.
  • Unique rewards.

Meanwhile, any negative or unwanted behavior could lead to:

  • Reduced experience and rewards.
  • Ranked rewards locks.
  • Playlist locks.

This is just some of what you can expect with the updated Reputation System. More information about the impacts is to be shared in the future. This is a quick guide on what you can expect from the Reputation System. What are your thoughts so far?

Rainbow Six Siege was first released in 2015 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It was then made available for PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S in 2020.

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