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Aruni Guide
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With the release of Rainbow Six Siege Operation Neon Dawn, Ubisoft introduced a brand new operator from the Nighthaven squad. This operator also added some changes to the meta. The new character is a defender-sided operator named Aruni. Aruni is now available for all players to purchase.

Aruni is a two-speed, two-armor defender who can deny tons of intel. She can even stop entry points for attackers.

Surya Gate

Her special ability, Surya Gate, allows the player to place a visible gate. Both attackers and defenders can shoot through this gate. When the defenders are near the gate, it deactivates for a moment to let them through. But attackers have to force their way in, which will deal 40 points of damage. So, we recommend you only do that while making plays or else waste your chance on the gate.

How To Counter The Surya Gate

While the gate is indestructible, attackers can disable it using specific means. The gate is prone to items like flashbangs, concussions, grenades, drones, and ash charges. Attackers may exploit that weakness. They can throw any object, including drones to get a thirty-second window. Within that time, they pass through the gate without a hitch. As such, the gate isn’t as overpowered as you think. Whenever it's disabled, Aruni and teammates have to do something to reactivate the gate.

Prosthetic arm

Another cool feature of Aruni is her prosthetic arm. The arm allows her to make small rotation holes acting as an alternative to shotgun rotations. It’s a pretty cool option if your team doesn’t want to bring any shotgun operators.


Aruni comes packed with insane firepower. Her primary weapons are the P10 RONI and Mk 14 EBR DMR. Both weapons can deal massive damage per shot. We suggest using the P10 RONI if you don’t like DMR. The P10 RONI is a submachine gun with 20 bullets and an incredible fire rate, which makes it versatile in fights. The Mk 14 EBR is for players who like to use DMR. But it can be harder to use in close combat than P10 RONI.

Her secondary weapon is the PRB92, which is a decent weapon with good damage and a slow fire rate.

Aruni’s gadgets consist of a bulletproof camera and barbed wire. The wire actually helps in slowing down attackers.

Aruni’s Playstyle

Many players tend to use Aruni incorrectly. Here’s how you actually use Aruni and her gadgets to the fullest. First, deploy her gadgets on windows/doors or reinforcements. Deploy it wherever you think the enemy needs to pass through. This gives a line of sight for the defenders like in the Blue Bunker door in Oregon. Unless the attackers disabled the gate on the blue door, the defenders have a free peep every side without getting pushed. Combine Wamai discs, shields, and Jager ADS before the gate for maximum efficiency.

If you place her gadgets on doorways, attackers have to push through them. This will provide intel for her team. Using gates far from sites for roaming is pretty inefficient. Attackers can just push the other side.

Some gadget placements on the Oregon basement site include the blue door, soft wall on bunker wall, and toward the freezer. Aruni's playstyle works well with Jager and Wamai, even with their nerfs. Aruni can become an incredible operator with utility absorbing operators like those two.

Best Maps

Aruni is an amazing pick on all maps. But if you want her to shine, choose Oregon, Consulate, Villa, Theme Park, and Kanal. These maps have certain entry points that attackers have to pass through no matter what the site is. When picking Aruni, always keep in mind the entry points.

The clubhouse is a decent map for Aruni. Though, the map is already heavy on utility. Attackers have more than enough ways to disable the gates. Thus, don’t pick Aruni in maps rich in utility. If you've mastered her, then that's the time you may deploy Aruni wherever you want.

You can read more details about Aruni here.

So, what do you think of Aruni as an operator? Do you think your playstyle fits her perfectly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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