Rainbow Six Grand Finals Results for Six November 2020 Oceania Mini Major are Out

Okami vs Wildcard
Okami vs Wildcard youtube

The Six Mini Major for Oceania just concluded a while ago. The match was played in a best of five series with the top two teams representing the region. The matchup between Okami and Wildcard Gaming was the most anticipated game of the finals.

Wildcard was obviously the most experienced team in this matchup. However, Okami gave Wildcard a pretty solid fight. Okami even managed to take the first map, Oregon, against Wildcard with a 7-5 scoreline.

Even so, Wildcard took every map after that. The final map was Consulate. Wildcard absolutely dominated the map as they managed to win most rounds flawlessly. Okami tried to break Wildcard’s momentum on round four by executing a quick rush into the site. But Wildcard was prepared for the rush and stopped Okami's advance. Wildcard finished the first half with a 6-0 scoreline on defense. Consulate is an attacker-sided map, so Okami trying to make a comeback seemed impossible.

Vincere of Wildcard played extremely well as he managed to top the leaderboard with nine kills during the first half of the game. But he only managed to get his frags right due to Okami’s lack of intel.

Okami managed to win the first round on defense after the side switch. It was because Wildcard tried to execute quite early, which led to many mistakes. Still, Wildcard was able to close the final map with a 7-1 scoreline. Vincere clutched the final round by playing post-plant perfectly. He also killed the final opponent vertically.

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