Rainbow Six Siege EU, NA, APAC League Winners

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Rainbow Six Siege Six Invitational 2021 is almost around the corner, which means the qualification is over. The leagues in various regions have new teams at the top of the leaderboard, not a surprise because of the meta change. However, many of the titans haven’t even hit the top two spots in their respective leagues.

European League

The team on top of the EU League is Natus Vincere, which was unusual as they had a roster change replacing two members. NaVi had impressive coordination and amazing clutch potential from the new recruits that helped crush top teams like Rogue with a 7-1 scoreline.

BDS Esport placed second even after having a flawless first split in the league. While they had a very close game against NaVi, they got destroyed by Virtus.Pro, which placed them down to second place in terms of score.

North American League

The top three teams in NA - TSM, DarkZero, and Spacestation Gaming - are all placed at the bottom five against teams that had little competitive experience. Oxygen Esports is one of the oldest teams present in the league, but they never really got an opportunity to shine. But this time, they proved everyone wrong by taking the top spot in NA League. The addition of Leonardo "Kyno" Figueiredo to the OXG roster made a huge difference as he claimed the MVP in multiple games.

Susquehanna Soniqs placed second in the NA League, the most shocking news honestly. They went through a major roster change with only one player kept from the old roster, and four others sourced from various teams.

APAC League

APAC league was entertaining to watch as we got to see teams prioritize on kills. This spelled doom for the top teams like Fnatic and Vodafone Giants, especially because they had to play on different servers with high ping and against teams with better gun skills. The top four teams across APAC North and South League are Elevate, Cloud9, Pittsburgh Knights, and CYCLOPS athlete gaming.

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