Rainbow Six Siege EU Finals Consolation Match: Na'Vi vs. Virtus.Pro

Na'Vi vs. Virtus.Pro
Na'Vi vs. Virtus.Pro Siege.gg

The Six Invitational 2021 Europe Finals between Natus Vincere and Virtus.pro has concluded. The matches were played in a best of three series. This match decided which third and fourth placers of the tourney and had no relation with the upcoming Six Invitational.

The first map of the series was Consulate. The first round from Na'Vi was pretty confusing, as V.P got four kills without even entering the building. Na'Vi tried to extend their basement setup into Consul, however, V.P was ready and cut off every single rotation. Andrey "m1loN" Mironov and Artyom "Shockwave" Simakov played extremely well for V.P, as they topped the leaderboards with 10 kills each. V.P demolished Na'Vi on the first map with a 7-1 scoreline, even though Na'Vi tried playing super aggressive.

The second map was Clubhouse. Na'Vi attempted an extended strategy on the Basement defense, but V.P had it well droned out and cut off rotations all over the map. V.P’s coordination allowed them to get both the roamers in the process, only losing Shockwave in the process. Still, Na'Vi managed to take the first half with a 4-2 scoreline on the defense, which was much better than in the previous map.

Na'Vi got really close to taking the match on the 6-3 scoreline, though V.P slowly gained momentum. V.P gradually won several rounds on the defense and eventually took the map to overtime. Na'Vi lost hope at that point, which cost them the map. V.P showed an insane comeback with an 8-7 scoreline with m1loN sitting on 19 kills playing operators like Hibana and Maestro.

Based on the series, V.P is the third placer while Na'Vi is the fourth placer.

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What are your thoughts on the ongoing Rainbow Six Siege's Six Europe Finals? Have you enjoyed the games and learned new tricks from the pro players? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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